As you should be aware, YouTube released a brand new, free iOS app this past week called YouTube Capture.  Essentially, Capture is an app that works outside of using Apple's own Camera app for the purposes of shooting videos, basic editing, and uploading and sharing of those videos directly to YouTube. In this week's Creator's tip, I did a hands-on review of the app to show you how to use its features and functionality as well as to point out the current drawbacks that exist and desired enhancements.

YouTube's Capture App Features

  • Record video
    • YouTube states that the app was designed to allow you to record and shoot video quicker, with fewer clicks and less lag time than the built-in Camera app.
  • Edit Video
    • Perform basic edits and trimming.
    • Apply automatic color-correction and stabilization to your film.
    • Trim the length of your video with the drag-and-drop interface.
    • Set a soundtrack to your video.
  • Upload Video
    • Ability to title your videos.
    • Select a thumbnail.
    • Set the privacy level of your videos before uploading them.
  • Share videos
    • Link to your Twitter, Google+ or Facebook accounts either individually or at the same time.

Drawbacks of Capture

  • Does not automatically enable monetization.
  • Does not add any default settings you have for your video uploads (tags, description text, etc.)
  • The color correction does not actually correct, but just ups the contrast.
  • After uploading the video with stabilization on, some of the lines are blurry and doesn't look crisp and sharp.
  • The trim option is difficult to use.  It is not a frame by frame trimming option, but more within a second or two of where you want it to start and end.
  • Soundtracks are really loud even when you have them turned down.  Plus there are limited number of preset soundtrack options.
  • Can't insert other videos.
  • While the app can post to Facebook, you do not have the option to make your video friends-only or public.

Have you used the app?  Tell us what you think.

  • Nora

    How do you delete videos I hate this app there is no delete and it's taken over all the memory in my phone! Help!!!!

  • Adi

    I think this app was meant to be as simple as possible, to have as little options as possible, and that's what I like about it. Shoot and upload - and that's it. The only drawback for me (but quite a big one) is there's no option to share the video automatically to your Facebook page, only to your profile.