You want to measure impact on retail sales of your product for your online video campaign on YouTube? Well now they're helping you do that with a new overlay that can even help drive that impact deeper into your business and allow you to link off-site.

We always talk about online video campaign ROI and how difficult it is to actually determine it and how to do it accurately. Well now YouTube  might have added a new feature that will help us do exactly that. The new call-to-action overlay will help you track how many users move forward with some sort of transaction whether a sale, sign-up donation or other positive interaction which you are specifically hoping for from them.

YouTube Adds Call to Action Overlays   Drive Action Off YouTube youtube overlays

So how exactly do you track all of that via YouTube? Well, with their new Call-to-action overlay will help drive users from Promoted Videos, and you can track the clicks within Youtube insight. This has been in testing for some time they tell us and there was a lot of dialog with search marketers on how they wanted it to work. Now, anyone who runs a campaign on YouTube with Promoted Videos can take advantage of the new ability to drive users away from YouTube as desired.

All you need to do in order to take advantage of the new overlay is begin a campaign to promote your video on YouTube. Go into the video details page for that specific video and fill out the "call-to-action overlay" fields there. These fields include a headline, ad text, destination URL and an image if you wish. When the video is played the overlay will show up and the interactions will be tracked on your YouTube Insight.

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Now if only those interactions could be tracked in Google Analytics and incorporated into campaigns with adsense...

  • Chris Guthrie

    Can you confirm if the call to action ONLY displays when a user clicks through via a promotion?

    Because I set up a promoted video, added the call to action and my call to action does not display when I just go to the video through my channel.

    • reelseo


      Let me see if I can find out as I actually havent yet had the time to play with this too much. Does the call to action show on the video landing page as opposed to on the channel? Also, let me know if you find an answer before I get back to ya.
      What is the url for the video?

      • Chris Guthrie

        I spent some more time playing with it and it looks like it's just having issues displaying if there is an image included I'm going to spend some more time to figure it out though.

  • josh mcnair

    Thank you for the information, i love this website, and am currently working with my adwords team to set up promoted videos, the call to action overlay sounds awesome, i hope it works well though

    • Mark Robertson

      Thanks Josh, let us know how it goes

      Sent from my iPhone

  • Tim Street

    It sure would be nice if those clicks could be tracked in Google Analytics and incorporated into campaigns with AdSense.

    The thing about Google and YouTube that drive me crazy is that it's soooo hard to figure out how things work or how to get to the thing you want or need inside AdSense. I'm not sure if their behind the scenes design has gotten better or if I just have gotten use to where things are.