Youtube Adds AutoSharing - YouTwitFace Is Now Real

Youtube Adds AutoSharing   YouTwitFace Is Now RealFor those of you that may have missed it, a few weeks back, Conan O'Brien, on his  Tonight Show sketch called "In the Year 3000,” predicted that in the future, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook would merge and create "one super time-wasting site called 'YouTwitFace'."  1 week later, the folks at Youtube made this prediction a reality with the launch of new functionality that allows users to automatcially "share" new video uploads across FB and Twitter.

No, But Seriously, About the New Features:

Automation is the true power of social networking.  The people over at YouTube have taken this to heart and are now making it far easier for you to automatically share your videos across multiple sites.

According to a recent blog entry at the world's most popular video sharing site, a one-time login here which is the video uploads page will allow you to link your Youtube videos to your Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader accounts.

Youtube Adds AutoSharing   YouTwitFace Is Now Real

No more manual entry or using some other service to alert your legions of fans about the new uploads. Now it can all be done automatically and they can find out for themselves that you've got new content ready.

Now this is not the death of privacy on YouTube as you can disable this autoshare feature whenever you like. You can also set certain videos to private and they will not be sent out to the other networks via the auto-updater. So if you are running a site about something in particular but want to upload a video of a certain someone doing something of a certain nature (like dancing and singing Numa Numa) you can do so without telling the whole world about it.

Thanks Youtube, I think this was an easy feature to add and a worthwhile one for all us video marketers.  Might also help increase traffic back to Youtube, as if you need it ;-)

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  • Jay Cutler

    I use that culer youtube app too. I made a video on how to set it up here...

  • Ryan Johnson

    The problem with YouTube's auto-share is that it can't post on facebook pages - only on profiles. There is an app called "Cueler YouTube" on facebook ( that allows you to auto-post new videos from a channel on a facebook fan-page.

  • brentgrab

    Great writeup. Similar to what Tube Mogul is doing, but a little different. 'Automatic Video Syndication' is an awesome tool for any business or online marketer. Quickly distribute your content across the web in an instant. It helps to preserve your branding and make sure everything is aligned and accurate. Re-posting across several sites is cumbersome and inefficient.