YouTube Announces 'Playbook Guides' Tailored to Your Content

YouTube Announces Playbook Guides Tailored to Your Content

One thing about the YouTube Creator Playbook that might be a little overwhelming is that it's a "blanket" document without consideration for different kinds of content.  Different kinds of content may have a different set of needs and a different "playbook" to operate.  So, YouTube is announcing "Playbook Guides" for Music, Sports, Education, Media Companies, and Nonprofits.  Not meant to be an overall total replacement, but supplemental material to the Playbook, Playbook Guides is a nice addition to the YouTube Creator Playbook and gives invaluable information to those looking to succeed on YouTube.

Playbook Guides: Specifically Amended to Your Content

Here's an example from the Music guide, discussing "better discovery:"

YouTube Announces Playbook Guides Tailored to Your Content

This tells you specifically how to go about Titles, Tags, Descriptions, and Thumbnails, with great examples displayed specifically for music channels.  There's even a section on what to do when you release an album or a song and tons more.

For those unfamiliar with the YouTube Creator Playbook, you can go here to take a look.  Playbook Guides for the specific categories are here.  Of course we covered the YouTube Creator Playbook back in its earlier versions, the index of which can be found here.

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