How To Use YouTube’s New 3-Second Branding Introductions

How To Use YouTube’s New 3 Second Branding Introductions

What are YouTube branding intros? Branding intros are a new YouTube InVideo Programming feature that allow you to display a 3 second or less intro in front of your videos. I get that some videos might benefit from a standard quick intro however I’m confused on this approach. We have found that people have decided if they are watching your YouTube video in the first 3-6 seconds. So creating a 3 second standard could be risky. If you're going to use this feature make sure you test your view duration with and without branding intros turned on.

How YouTube Branding Intros Work

Go to your YouTube channel settings / InVideo Programming and you should now see a 3rd option “Branding intro”:

How To Use YouTube’s New 3 Second Branding Introductions
You need to upload a video 3 seconds or less in order to use this feature. Find the video you want to use, select it and click save:

How To Use YouTube’s New 3 Second Branding Introductions
You have two options to show intro on all videos or after a specific date.

How To Use YouTube’s New 3 Second Branding Introductions

For more information, take a look at YouTube's recent blog post and advice about the subject.

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