A recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive Polls and Adweek shows that the younger demographics are more likely to watch TV online than their elders. A whopping 77% of younger people watch television on the Internet, with 64% of the 55+ demographic tuning in online. The 55+ crowd had the lowest percentage for any demographics, but 64% is still a majority.

Another interesting stat is that 66% of overall viewers have watched a show online before actually seeing it on TV. Again, the 55+ demographic was lowest for this stat as well, and yet half of them have watched a show on the web prior to watching it on television, whereas with the 18-34 group, it's 82%.

Internet TV Viewing Up, But So Is Viewer Multitasking chart1 600x355

TV Viewers Multitask

Here are the most popular activities for consumers while also watching television:

  1. Surfing the web on PC
  2. Reading (book, mag, paper)
  3. Social Networking
  4. Texting
  5. Shopping online
  6. Surfing on phone
  7. eBook reading
  8. Surf on Tablet

Here's how the percentages for these activities break down:

Internet TV Viewing Up, But So Is Viewer Multitasking chart2 600x489

Only 14% of respondents said they do nothing else while watching television, a 3% said they don't even watch TV at all. Now, if TV show producers were smart they would be working on unique ways to tie that surfing, social networking and shopping together with their shows. After all, we know people are multi-tasking, why not tap into it to help fund your shows, raise engagement levels, etc?

Here's the original article on AdWeek that showed the poll results.

  • Christophor Rick

    It would be in their best interest to take this into account and somehow allow for cross-platform interactive advertising. What we need is like a boomerang 'flick'
    Right now we can 'flick'content from Android/iOS to TV...but we can't really boomerang content back to those platforms. Nintendo just demonstrated something like that with the Wii U where it used the camera on the Wiiblet (what I call the tablet-like controller) to capture a webpage and then allow you to browse that page separately on the Wiiblet... a brilliant piece of tech right there that I think Samsung could certainly use since they run the gamut of CE from TVs to tablets and smartphones... That could then allow really interactive advertising where you could catch the content from the TV to the tablet or phone and surf for more information while the show and ads continued on the TV.

  • http://www.alecdifrawi.com/ Alec Difrawi

    I wonder if this will start a transition of more effective ads on online tv, like hulu for example, versus tv advertising?