Youku and Mozilla Partner To Enrich Online Video Viewing

Youku, the leading Chinese Internet video website, today announced it has become the sole online video provider embedded in the China Edition of Mozilla Firefox, a highly popular web browser with a 20% worldwide market share.

This is the first time Mozilla will cooperate with a Chinese Internet video website to provide Internet users with a smooth interface between the browser and video content. Through Live Margins, a new feature developed for the Firefox China Edition (available at, users can discover relevant video clips in a sidebar area of the browser by simply highlighting and dragging a chunk of text in web pages. Video results returned by Live Margins will be provided through Youku's application programming interface (API). Any Youku videos can be added to a video playlist for time-shifted consumption or for quick and easy bookmarking, and Live Margins allows users to view Youku videos in a sidebar area while they continue to browse.

"Youku is delighted with the opportunity to work directly with an international partner of the caliber of Mozilla, and we believe that together we can help deliver an even better video experience for Firefox users," said Victor Koo, founder and CEO of Youku.

"Firefox China Edition is built specifically for the vast number of China internet users who, compared with users in the rest of the world, have a markedly different set of expectations, preferences, and behavioral patterns. The China Edition provides quick access to frequently used browser and desktop functions, one touch convenience to change display fonts and sizes, as well as the innovative Live Margin design that literally gives users more browsing space so that they can find relevant information more quickly, create, communicate, and multitask more effectively and efficiently," said Li Gong, Chairman and CEO of Mozilla Online Ltd., the Beijing-based subsidiary of Mozilla Corporation.

"We are very pleased to have worked with our technology partner Linkool International, and content partners such as Youku, Baidu, and Sina Music, to bring this product to life," said Mozilla's Mr. Gong, "Youku's rich, high-performance, and easy-to-use APIs, together with an extensive video database, allow Firefox to quickly deliver highly relevant video content to users."

"Youku has invested significant resources to create a variety of user experiences for Chinese Internet video viewers," said Youku's Mr. Koo. "With Youku's iPhone web app and mobile applications made for Chinese 3G mobile phones on the TD-SCDMA network, users can watch more than 161 million videos on Youku anytime and anywhere they want."

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