Yahoo's Video Becoming Flickr Video Sharing

Yahoos Video Becoming Flickr Video Sharing

A few blogs around the net are reporting that Flickr,'s extremely successful photo sharing community website will soon launch with video contributions.  We knew this was in their product roadmap as back in August of 2007, Yahoo Video GM Mike Folgner told techcrunch : "Yahoo's Flickr photo-sharing site will also be adding video," he said.

It certainly seems that they are a bit late to the game as it is now 2008 and 2007 seemed to be the year for sites to make this transition.  However, with Yahoo's audience, and the many users that support the flickr community, I think this has a chance.  We will have to wait and see.  Of course, the rumored acquisition by Microsoft could clearly change this direction.

Dan from Znet writes that:

"In this unstable atmosphere, Yahoo is getting ready to take on Google's strongest property outside of search–YouTube–with a video version of Flickr. Yahoo is talking yet, but the word is that Flickr Video is coming soon. Define soon? Hedging bets, probably in the next few months."

According to the post, Yahoo Video (below) will morph into Flickr Video to build on the stronger Flickr brand and community.

Yahoos Video Becoming Flickr Video Sharing

The good news is that the Flickr team has a legacy of innovation. YouTube clearly has momentum but there is plenty of market share to be had. A compelling Flickr Video user experience that bridges the combined Yahoo and Microsoft community, or even Facebook, would be a good starting point.

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