Yahoo Glue Pages - Universal Search for Yahoo

Yahoo Glue Pages   Universal Search for Yahoo

Yahoo India has been testing what it calls, "Glue Pages." These have been compared to Google's Universal Search, because the results bring in a mash-up of results from images, videos, maps, news, sponsored links, and other sources as appropriate.

SERP sources can include images, videos from Youtube, Wikipedia entries, HowStuffWorks entries, Yahoo Answers, sports stats, and news, and results from other sources. The new Glue page are similar in appearance to the redesign that Ask did last year.

Only certain categories of searches currently show Glue pages, namely, sports, travel, entertainment, health, stocks, and tech. However, the layout is much more graphic and attractive than simple traditional blue links although it currently take s a little too long to load the full page.

This is not just a random project in India. Expect to see Yahoo Glue imported to the U.S. sometime this summer, says one industry source.

Here's a screenshot for a search for maserati. Click to enlarge.

Yahoo Glue Pages   Universal Search for Yahoo

I find it interesting how they are treating the video results portion. You can see that they have a separate bucket for Youtube video results. However, I don't see yahoo video results or any others for that matter.

Yahoo Glue Pages   Universal Search for Yahoo

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