Xbox Live YouTube App Will Change Online Video - The Reel Web #18

Xbox Live YouTube App Will Change Online Video   The Reel Web #18

This week there's a lot of little news along with a couple big news items, including what Mark Burnett is doing with his upcoming reality TV shows to make them more social and interactive and the new YouTube app for Xbox Live. We look at both of these, especially the new YouTube app and several of the implications it has for the future of online video consumption and those who create online video. Combine the YouTube app with the Kinect system and there are a lot of possibilities that could be coming up in the future of online video on YouTube.

Will The Xbox Live YouTube App Change Online Video?

QUESTION: What do you think of the new Xbox Live YouTube app?



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  • Nathan Weaver

    You can always plug a wireless keyboard into your XBOX when it comes to making comments on YouTube and such. I agree writing with a controller is rough, but wireless keyboard, not so much.

  • senor vega

    really interesting story about the Rokenbok toy company. Really genius idea to create lil stories featuring their stories. Was surprised by the amount o f views they get.