You may remember Majek Pictures--the filmmaking duo of Anna Elizabeth James and Michael Koerbel. They're the ones that made waves last June by shooting and editing a short film, "Apple of My Eye," entirely on the iPhone 4. That film has nearly a million views on Vimeo. Now the duo is making news again, with the world's first video produced on an iPad 2.

Instead of a standalone short film, this time it's episode 9 of their web series, Goldilocks, and they made it with the iPad 2... sort of. Technically they produced it with the iPad 2. But they sure didn't shoot it with one. Yes, the group that got mildly Internet-famous for shooting an entire video on the iPhone 4 is... still shooting videos entirely on the iPhone 4. They're really only using the iPad 2 for post production--editing, mixing, effects, etc.

We Already Have The Worlds First iPad 2 Movie ipad2editing You would think that if anyone was going to create a video actually shot on the iPad 2--no matter the quality of video--it would be these two... because there's at least a bit of gimmick to what they did last June. I don't for one second mean to imply they aren't filmmakers or artists--but that the limitations of the device and its video quality was half the point during the first go-round. So why not use the iPad 2's camera? Probably because it sucks.

There's a little introduction piece that runs before the actual Goldilocks episode, and in the comments on Vimeo the creator says the last three shots of that intro were actually filmed with the iPad 2. But that's it. Everything else was apparently shot on iPhone 4. And really, who can blame them?

We Already Have The Worlds First iPad 2 Movie ipad2editing2

But before you go labeling me an Apple hater, I think there's a lot to take notice of in this story regarding the device's capabilities for editing. Just look at the filmmaker's own list of why the iPad 2 is great for editing (besides just the faster processor and larger screen):

  • You can now have three tracks of editable audio! (we only had one for Apple of My Eye)
  • There is a fourth track of audio that is enabled if you import an audio clip over 1 minute
  • More themes (including iCNN report) Upload directly to Vimeo, YouTube, etc. This was amazing.
  • The video literally never was on a "real" computer. [It was] shot, edited, and uploaded on iOS devices!
  • Import directly from iPhone 4 with camera connection kit. This was a big thing we were worried about, and literally a $29 adapter let us plug both iPhone 4's in and super easily upload to the iPad 2.
  • Slicker user interface and the multi-touch is flawless

I've given the iPad and it's sequel a bit of a hard time, and mostly for good reason. But it's starting to sound more and more like the device is actually useful for video purposes. I do wish they'd put in better cameras, so it could be used to capture video as well as edit it. But for certain projects, when editing on the go is helpful, iMovie on the iPad 2 looks pretty great. Check out their finished product:

Throughout all my whining about the lack of quality cameras in the iPad 2, a common defense of the device has been that it's not intended for video creation. But I think Majek Pictures is proving that wrong. It may not be intended for shooting video, but the editing power of iMovie makes it more of a "creating" device than maybe any of us previously thought.

  • Max

    iMovie doesn't allow cropping. That's the most important to create repeated scenes and remove and unnecessary actions. Being able to delete a part of the video in the middle of the video clip is what I was looking for.

  • JeffBach

    Are they a couple of angst-filled trust funders trying to find meaning with their lives? OR did they make any money as a result of this exercise?

    • JeremyScott

      Are those the only two options?

  • mcobrien

    Loved some of the shots. Maybe bit too much of her running, as we'd get the point with one, maybe 2 running shots. Overall, I have to applaud the effort in just doing it. Maybe choose a script with more static shots and conversation, less one with so much action? This would fit the camera's capabilities better. A bit 'gimmicky' but that's part of the fun in watching it. When you DON'T have to say it's shot on iphone, you've passed the gimmicky stage and moved on to, dare I say, art?

  • Christophor Rick

    Bah I want a camera that can edit, then you only need one device :D

    Seriously, it's all quite well done and with some cameras that have USB ports I imagine you could do it all with a better camera, and an iPad 2.

  • Aurelius_Tjin

    I just watched the film and it's kinda cool. The sound quality is good. Thanks for sharing this jeremy. :)

    • JeremyScott

      Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Richard vd Boogaard

    Look closely at the vid and you'll see that the movie was shot on an iPhone - the guy is chasing the girl with it in the opening sequence. They probably edited this on the iPad 2. Curious to learn how much easier this was than doing it on a proper NLE...

    As for the quaility of the movie - although it's nice that they got a premiere, the image quality looks pretty nasty to me.

    • JeremyScott

      Yeah, they definitely shot on iPhones and only used the iPad for editing. I've seen worse image quality, but you're right... it's not great.