Top-5 World Players Expand To Runet

Top 5 World Players Expand To Runet

A new player has entered the Russian search engine market, i.e. the corporation AOL. Its project Truveo claims to have launched a localized version in 7 countries including Russia. Thus, Top-5 world market players by their project audience are somehow presented in Runet. Google, Microsoft, eBay and Yahoo were the first to enter Runet.

The search engine Truveo owned by the corporation AOL claims to have launched its localized version in 7 countries including Russia. Truveo address in Runet is, the other versions have been launched in Australia, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, and Turkey. So currently the search engine is presented in 16 out of 20 countries with the highest internet penetration level.

Experts believe Truveo launch in Russia might hardly be a success. Askar Tuganbaev, RuTube producer believes the company is …full text

Source: CNews

Several key world internet players, presented in Runet

CompanyYear of expansion/active  operationsActivity
Yahoo!2004key services localization
eBay2006acquired a stake in  Slando, planed to  acquire a stake in  QXL Ricardo ( co-owner)
Microsoft/MSN2007announces its plans to enter Runet Top-3 and operation plans on the local internet-market, service localization

Source: CNews Analytics

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