Official World Cup Sponsors Losing Out in Video Ad Social Shares

Official World Cup Sponsors Losing Out in Video Ad Social Shares

Just under two weeks into the tournament, it appears that the official sponsors of the 2014 FIFA World Cup are losing out to non-affiliated brands when it comes to video advertising social shares. When it comes to World Cup focused video ads, nearly three-quarters of the total shares across social media networks are for those brands, like Activia, Samsung, and ESPN, who aren't officially partnered with FIFA.

The team at Unruly are constantly analyzing the data around the tournament, and confirm that so far, the average sponsor’s ad has generated 66,156 fewer shares than those created by a non-sponsor. It's good news for one major brand though as Coca-Cola come is 13th places ahead of arch-rivals Pepsi, after generating 87% of the social shares between the two.

World Cup Video Ads and Social Sharing

Despite the fact that a lot of the official sponsors of the World Cup, currently taking place in Brazil, have created almost twice as many commercials than non-affiliated brands, it's the non-sponsors that are attracting the attention, with 8.9 million shares across Twitter, Facebook, and the blogosphere. Ads  from from official sponsors, who paid between £8m to £120m to have their names associated with the World Cup, have only managed 3.6 million social shares. Some of the highlights of the current report include the fact that:

  • Three-quarters of the Nike's and Adidas' ad shares have been generated by Nike
  • Football ads are attracting the most shares online
  • The top three spots in the current chart all belong to non World Cup sponsors
  • Only 4 of the 11 places (11 being the number of players each team can have on the pitch at once) belong to official partners: Castrol, Adidas, Emirates and Coca-Cola.
  • Activia hold the number one spot, and its ad, featuring Shakira, is by far the most shared football ad of 2014, attracting almost 4 million shares. It's also the sixth most shared ad of all time.

Official World Cup Sponsors Losing Out in Video Ad Social Shares

Unruly is running its ‘Braziliant Brands Tracker’, throughout the tournament, to track the success of the video advertising campaigns built around the World Cup. With 1 in 3 of us turning to social media to post or tweet about the event, Facebook, and the Twittersphere are providing vitally important feedback on what's resonating with the general public - and what isn't. You can keep up to date with the current data over at the Unruly Viral Video Chart, World Cup Edition.

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