As we move into April, the 2014 FIFA World Cup comes ever nearer, and video advertisers and marketers are gearing up to take advantage of what may be the biggest online event we've seen yet. During the 2010 FIFA World Cup event, over 26 million hours of online video content was consumed, making it the largest online sporting event in the U.S. up to that point. 4 years later, smartphone usage is through the roof and a new survey and infographic from YuMe highlights the opportunities available to video advertisers in terms of viewing habits, particularly second, and multi-screen.

Highlights of the survey (of 879 individuals from a nationally representative panel) are:

  • 63% intend to watch highlights via a PC, 23% on smartphone, and 25% on a tablet device.
  • Live streaming of matches will be popular across all devices: PC 33%, tablet 22%, smartphone 11%, smart TV 13%
  • 74% intend to watch World Cup matches from either a bar, friend’s home or at work
  • Over 54% of respondents intend to watch online video of completed matches
  • Around 50% of viewers intend to watch online video of previous World Cup matches

The Yume survey also found that 16% of those asked intended to call in sick to work during the event specifically to watch the matches. Naughty.

Nearly 50% of Viewers Will Watch World Cup 2014 on Second Screens [Infographic] video advertising FIFA world cup 2014

  • igor Griffiths

    Well hello Carla, as I do not want to pay the TV tax to the UK PBS BBC which means I cannot watch any live broadcasting in the UK, over the weekend I listened to the F1 race on the radio and it was a revelation.

    By using only one sense to understand what was going on, I made far more sense of it and thus enjoyed if far more even though I was doing other tasks at the same time.

    Thus when the world cup starts I think I will be listening to it on the radio rather than attempting to watch repeats whilst keeping up with my daily routine.