World Cup Ads Outperform Super Bowl Even Before Ball Is Kicked

World Cup Ads Outperform Super Bowl Even Before Ball Is Kicked

The FIFA 2014 World Cup hasn’t even started, but its ads have already outperformed this year’s Super Bowl. That’s according to new data released today by our friends at Unruly, which found the top 20 most shared World Cup commercials have already attracted almost a third more shares than the top 20 Super Bowl 2014 ads – months after Super Bowl Sunday.

Here are the key insights:

  • The top 20 World Cup 2014 ads have so far attracted 6.9 million shares across social media – 31.4 percent more than the top 20 ads from Super Bowl 2014 (4.7million);
  • If you remove the most shared World Cup 2014 ad – Activia’s “La La La” – it’s a lot more of a level playing field, with Super Bowl 2014 just ahead of the World Cup’s total of 4.6 million shares. However, with still a couple of days to go till the World Cup kicks off, that is unlikely to last very long;
  • The top 3 World Cup ads – Activia’s “La La La”, Nike’s “Winner Stays” and Castrol’s “Footkhana” - account for 59.6% of the total number of shares in the World Cup top 20.

It’s yet more evidence that this year’s Super Bowl brands really failed to engage audiences online. Despite shares of branded videos rising 22 percent in the 12 months prior to Super Bowl Sunday, shares dropped by almost a quarter (24.2 percent) at the 2014 Super Bowl – the first-time ever that online shares in Super Bowl ads have decreased.

Now, I’m sure there are some defensive ad agencies who created commercials for Super Bowl XLVIII who will have questions about Unruly’s methodology. The sharing figures were compiled on June 9, 2014. The top 20 World Cup chart includes ads created by brands not affiliated with the World Cup. The Super Bowl chart includes ads that were aired during the 2014 Super Bowl. Get it? Got it? Good.

World Cup Ads Outperform Super Bowl Even Before Ball Is Kicked

And if you want to see the 2014 World Cup Ads Chart, which ranks brands’ social videos worldwide based on the number of times content has been shared on Facebook, Twitter and in the blogosphere, be my guest. My personal favorites are the brands that aren’t official FIFA World Cup sponsors that are beating competitors that are.

World Cup 2014: Viral Video Winners

This includes non-sponsor Nike’s “Winner Stays,” which ranks #2.

And Nike’s “The Last Game” ranks #6.

Both social videos are comfortably ahead of “The Dream” from official sponsor Adidas, which ranks #9.

And they beat “House Match” from Adidas, which ranks #10.

Another non-sponsor at the top of the chart is Samsung’s “The Training,” which ranks #4.

And Samsung’s “The Beginning” ranks #5.

Official World Cup sponsors paid FIFA fees totaling $1.4 billion for the four-year period through 2014. Adidas alone paid $44 million for the priciest of the three tiers of sponsorship. So, maybe – just maybe – these marketing dollars might have been better spent creating more or different social videos.

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