Does Truveo Video Search Cover The Planet Better?

Does Truveo Video Search Cover The Planet Better?

Truveo recently did some research which showed they outshine all others in European video search coverage. You might want to take with a grain of salt considering they were doing the research on their own industry and their own service and it might be slightly skewed. Not that we're saying it is skewed, but it's not an independent study so...

The research was done based on 5,000 queries on each of five major search engines for video – Truveo, Google Video, Blinkx, Live Video Search and Yahoo Video Search. According to the study, Truveo is said to cover almost four times more websites than Google and twice as much as the others combined.

Websites Covered:

  • Truveo 80
  • Google Video 27
  • Blinkx 10
  • MSN Live Video Search - 4
  • Yahoo Video Search - 0

The study used 100 high traffic sites and 10 videos were chosen from each (for 1,000 videos total meaning one query on each search engine for each video, 5,000 queries as stated). The high traffic sites were chosen by the Alexa rankings which are at times questionable in many industry eyes and often fluctuate contrary to actual traffic patterns (personal experience speaking there). The sites were further broken down as the top 20 sites in each of 5 major EU markets:

  • Great Britain
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain

Queries were then done to find the 10 selected videos. A search engine was said to 'cover that site' if it returned at least five of the ten videos. All queries were done simultaneously on all five search engines so that there was no time difference in processing of the videos by them. The search engines had to return the exact video they were looking for in order to be considered a 'hit.'

Does this really prove that Truveo 'covers' more websites in Europe than the others combined? I'm skeptical. They say a search had to return at least half of the specific videos. But considering all of the variables that can determine whether or not a search engine returns something as a result it seems like there is a lot of leeway. Certainly they were using specific videos and so the information on each video was the same. What I guess it boils down to is how each search engine digests that information. Some might score videos higher based on metadata, while others might take into account the content of the video. On any given day, on any given search engine, you can run the same query several times over the course of the day and get different results. Additionally, the results I get from are often different than those that others get in other countries and cities. Though I'm guessing that all of the queries were done from the same computer for this study, so this shouldn't be a factor.

Now if you look at their other studies, for example the US one. Truveo is said to 'cover' 86 sites while Google Video only covers three. I find that hard to swallow even though I know Google's Video search isn't' the best around. In fact, in no study, in any market they've done so far, has any other search engine come remotely close to Truveo based on their own studies.

While these results may be indicative of some actual coverage, they should be taken with a grain of salt as I said. Considering that they used a study methodology that they developed themselves, then did the study research themselves it's hard to imagine how they could ever come up with results that showed Truveo not leading in any specific market. I suppose the only true way to determine whether or not they are leading would be to have an independent third party do some independent research and then come up with some independently-determined results... I wonder if Reel SEO would pay me to do that? I'm an independent third party, I have no vested interest in any of the search engines and frankly, if you haven't noticed from my writings, I don't pull any punches and give it to you straight.

So in the end, Truveo may possibly be the best coverage for video search and they may not. They are certainly towing their own company line and I would expect nothing less from anyone in any area of business. So until an independent third party is tasked with doing an independent study we can't really say whether or not Truveo is the leader in video search. But we can certainly say that they believe they are.

...Note from Publisher - "All that being said, while we cant proove the claim, we like Truveo becuase they provide prominent exposure back to your site when you get your videos indexed!"

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