IAB Online Video Ad Standards Whitepaper

IAB Online Video Ad Standards Whitepaper

Just the other day I was speaking with an online video company focused on video advertising and we were discussing the need for IAB to establish new standards for online video advertising. It appears that towards the end of 2007, that is just what the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) did. The IAB formed a committee to identify essential standardization initiatives and best practices for the online video advertising industry. The committee, IAB's Digital Video (DV) Committee, is formed of more than 120 participating publishers, networks, research firms, agencies, and technology providers.

On Jan 24th, the DV committee releaseed their first white paper titled, "A Digital Video Advertising Overview".

One of the goals of the initial white paper was to eliminate industry confusion pertaining to online video. Key items were defined as follows:

Video advertising units:

  • In-stream ad units (pre/mid/post roll, takeovers, overlays, bugs) - generally played or viewed from a video player like a client browser.
  • In-banner - generally displayed in IAB Interactive Marketing Unit (IMU) standard sizes.
  • In-text - generally user-initiated and triggered by relevant highlighted words within content.

Online video content (three primary types):

  • Premier Programming - gives users professionally produced content, generally re-purposed from broadcast video and cable networks. There is a large amount of professionally produced video that has not been digitized but is quickly working its way online.
  • Professionally-Generated Specialty Programming - video content professionally produced but generally created for a specific subset of online video consumers. Consumers are searching for and consuming video content relevant to their micro interests -- whether it is original content for the Web or content from traditional media like local news or community events,
  • User-Generated Video - consists of clips created and uploaded by everyday people and make up the largest volume of videos available online. Generally, the majority of these clips are watched by a small group of users but due to viral word-of-mouth messaging some become extremely popular and are viewed by millions.
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