Walt Disney has created a ton of memorable characters over the years, but nearly all of them have been on the big screen and TV.  Recently, Disney's foray into mobile game apps, "Where's My Water?" has become a huge hit on the iPhone and iPad and briefly knocked the venerable "Angry Birds" off their perch for awhile to become the top-selling app for several weeks.  "Where's My Water?" stars Swampy, an alligator that likes to be clean, and you have to navigate the water to his bathtub.  If only his evil rival Cranky wasn't there to stop you.  Now, Swampy is getting his own web series, and the Disney marketing machine has a new medium to conquer.

Where's My Water? The Adventures of Swampy, to Test the Web Series Market

You better believe that if this web series, premiering in January, becomes popular, Disney will plan to make this into a full-length cartoon or movie.  The series will focus on Swampy, his antagonist Cranky, and the love of both of their lives, Ally (aww, how cute...Ally like alligator).  The show will premiere a taste of the upcoming series in December, officially launch in January, and will run for 12 episodes.  After selling over a million 99-cent apps, it was probably pretty easy to greenlight a web series, which will then serve as marketing research for future adventures.

Here is a trailer for the puzzle game:

And some actual gameplay.  The game looks fun, and I love the music, very Disney:

For Disney, this is new territory.  Usually they create a cartoon character that will serve as an unlikely hero in one of their epic animated films.  Swampy is a smaller-scale, but could end up taking baby steps towards that goal, and you can bet a ton of merchandise regardless of whether the character ends up translating to a bigger screen.

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