While we were at Streaming Media West last month, we took some time to catch up with WeVideo, the amazingly cool cloud-based video editing people, and found out details about some very neat new features that they've just recently launched as part of their new "super simple" video editor. Along with a new storyboard editing mode, for those who are intimidated by the more traditional timeline video editing software, they also introduced customizable style templates and easy file transfer uploads which means better integration to major social networks, cloud storage, etc.

So, I met up with Jostein Svendsen, the CEO and Founder of WeVideo, and asked him to show us and tell us all about the new features.  Here's the interview video.

WeVideo's New "Super Simple" Video Editor

While several new features were launched, the three main ones we want to highlight are:

1) Easier Media Uploads via Import

WeVideos New Cloud Based Editor is So Simple, Even a Marketer Can Edit Video wevideo upload files e1355956407299 300x88 Integration with Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox and Google Drive means that userscan directly import their media (video clips, photos, music, company logos) rather than having to upload media from their desktops.

2) Simplified Editing Experience with "Storyboard Mode"

The new WeVideo YouTube editor and the new WeVideo Chrome video editor now offer two different creation and editing modes.  The "timeline" mode is the more traditional mode for users who have experience and are comfortable having more control over the timing and transitions.  "Storyboard Mode" is a new mode that they designed for beginners.  It features a collection of "themes" and templates that users can use (or customize) by simply dragging and dropping media into a theme template.  Users can switch between this and the “Timeline” editing mode in the Settings menu.

3) Professionally-Designed, Customizable Video Themes

WeVideos New Cloud Based Editor is So Simple, Even a Marketer Can Edit Video templates 200x184 In the storyboard mode, you can automatically set the look and tone of a video project by applying a pre-built theme, which essentially has all the transitions, fonts, effects and (default) soundtrack in place.

Want to see the interview we just did with a "Holiday Greetings" template?  While it may not be the most professional end-product (and our starting video could have been better ;-), keep in mind that all the differences you see vs. the video above, were done with literally 5-6 clicks of the mouse, by my cat.

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As for the UI, there are some issues that should be looked into.  For example, the storyboard mode has some nice tutorial videos that play at each step so as to guide you through the editing.  However, it doesn't seem that you can turn that off, and so when you are looking to see the result of your video, you cant actually preview it until the last step.  As with any software solution, improvements will be made and the more folks that use a solution, the more feedback to improve.  Overall, it's a very simple editing interface that's certainly valuable for more simplistic editing projects.

ATTN: Video Editors

For those of our readers who are professional video editors - I realize that no software can't replicate the training and expertise that you've had.  However, imagine if you could focus more your efforts on the creative side of editing and let someone else who's never edited video, do the more mundane tasks. Collaboration is one of the benefits of using a cloud-based software tool like WeVideo and with these new features, you might be able to hand off the job of adding bumpers and transitions to someone less skilled than yourself.

ATTN: Marketers

I realize that I basically just made fun of us in the title for this post. But, I'm a marketer myself and one thing I've realized over the years is that I can't be the best at everything (well, I could be but just don't have the time :-). To be a great editor, it takes years of training and experience.  For those that don't know how to edit video - you’re not alone.  79% of WeVideo's 100K+ users stated in a survey that they had “little to no video editing experience.” So, you can see why they implemented this new functionality.

The new WeVideo "super-simple" video editor platform is available on YouTube and also through the Chrome Web Store.

Have you tried WeVideo? If so, what did you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Marlene Hielema

    This is awesome. Thanks for the interview and review. I will definitely be sharing with my students and fellow marketers!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.krisa Michael Krisa

    Mark this looks really cool. Two quick questions 1) are they hosting/serving the finished video? 2) can you download the finished video to self host?
    BTW: great job with the interview and even better to see you on camera my friend!
    All Good Wishes,
    michael krisa

    • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

      2 great questions I should have answered ;-) They dont host the video and it can be easily syndicated to YouTube with a single click. You can also syndicate it to Google Drive whereby you can then download/sync the file to your computer to use. That's all the options that I see for the "simple editor". Their normal full-featured cloud-based editor has more options but Im not sure as I seem to be having some issues with my account. AND ,thanks for the kind words Michael. Happy Holidays