Wow. This was a great week for online video enthusiasts, as there was an unusually large amount of exceptional video content making the rounds. Some of the most notable include great musical videos, clips featuring amazing and surprising "wow moments," and even some good compelling branded video content. So if you have a few minutes--and really, who doesn't have a few minutes on a Friday?--sit back and enjoy a selection of the week's best viral videos.

Crazy Stunts

There are two types of people in this world: people who value their health & safety... and people who spend their days performing crazy stunts. Fortunately for us, those latter individuals often record themselves acting like daredevils, allowing the less-adventurous among us to still experience thrills vicariously.

Like the three guys who ride on the roof of an exterior elevator to the top of a building, just to jump off:

I personally get a little nervous whenever I'm bicycling on anything other than pavement. But some folks bring new meaning to the words "off-road," choosing to put their bikes (and their lives) in unconventional and potentially dangerous places:

I've always had respect for people who can skateboard. I don't have whatever innate balance or ability is required to do such things without killing myself. But for some daredevils, a skateboard isn't quite crazy enough. But a Vespa might do the trick:

Wow Moments

One of the most powerful viral triggers is the "wow moment"--some incredible action or feat, captured on film, that is hard to believe or is extremely rare. And with the proliferation of cell phone video cameras and other portable devices, there are more "wow moments" captured on film than ever before.

Like the wedding interruption by a professional wrestler. Don't worry, though, because it was all staged... just a brilliant bride-and-groom prank on the wedding guests. And what else did you expect when two members of Improv Everywhere get married?

Joey is an Internet hero this week. Last week, he was just another guy at a job he hated. What brought him his overnight online fame? Just the most amazing, hilarious, over-the-top job-quitting event ever put to film:

Sometimes a clip's description just can't do it justice. For instance, I could tell you I want to show you a clip of a Lego robot solving a Rubik's Cube, but it wouldn't come close to conveying how awesome this next video actually is:

If there's such a thing as the "online video life lesson of the week" award... it should go to our next clip, for teaching us all the important axiom, "Don't go hiking on a dirt bike trail."

We saw some dust storm videos out of Phoenix earlier this year, and now it's Texas' turn to impress and frighten me all at the same time:

If you asked me to estimate how many hours the creator of our next clip spent on setting up, filming, and editing his creation... it would easily be over 50. Presenting... an insanely long Hot Wheels track (and early entry for Dad of the Year):

I'm pretty sure most of the science behind Quantum Levitation is over my head, but the wow-factor isn't. Wow:

Musical Gems

Michael Winslow is best known for making sound effects--he's the guy from the classic Police Academy movies (and other films). His impressions and noises are typically hyper-accurate, and often hilarious.

On a European talk show, Winslow showed off another side to his unique talent--the ability to mimic drums and other instruments perfectly (seriously, when you hear his distorted electric guitar, you're going to lose your mind):

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A good way to get your video some early eyeballs is to tie it to a current event or popular topic. Like the new iPhone... and personal assistant, Siri. One guy was so inspired by Siri, he wrote and performed a duet with it/her:

First he wowed me with his acapella recreation of the lobby assault scene in The Matrix. Then he blew my mind with a voice-only audio track for a classic Back to the Future scene. And now... Matt Mullholland is taking his acapella skills to the world of classic sitcoms, bringing you the Full House theme song:

Coldplay has a new album coming out in about a week, and the first single, Paradise, is already drawing raves from critics and fans. And their music video for the song--which is technically more of a short film--is colorful, strange, and oddly mesmerizing:

Branded Goodness

Head & Shoulders is doing a fine imitation of Old Spice these days, with videos that straddle the line between weird and funny. Like the latest Troy Polamalu-starring video:

Chronicle is a new movie that hopes to take the Cloverfield and Blair Witch "found footage" format to the superhero genre. They released their first trailer this week, and so far viewers seem to be loving it:

I haven't played Gears of War, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate this amazing Lego-based, stop-motion, fan film for the game:

Freddie Wong is the closest thing that YouTube has to King Midas. And it's not that every video he touches turns to gold... it just is gold. In the latest viral hit, Freddie takes on video gamers who prefer to play with their controllers inverted:

Batman Arkham City is a brand new video game that brings the sandbox-style gameplay from Grand Theft Auto to the crime-ridden world of Batman. Reviews across the board are glowing. And I love that the makers of the game aren't merely using gameplay footage trailers for video promotion. In our next clip, we have what amounts to a commercial for the game, but it feels more like a scene out of a Judd Apatow comedy. It mentions and promotes the game, but also makes the audience laugh:

A couple weeks back, Ellen Degeneres had a couple young girls on who were huge Nicki Minaj fans. Then she brought the singer herself out to meet the girls. Then, this week, we got a follow-up, with a video of the girls on a shopping spree that Minaj arranged:

Grab Bag

Of all the tributes to Steve Jobs, the post-it note tribute is simple, effective, and probably one of the most popular:

Here's an awkward sequence on Family Feud... but honestly, when the category is "Things you put in your mouth but don't swallow," I have to believe the game show producers knew exactly what they were doing:

Slow-motion, as a camera technique, makes most subjects more interesting. When the subject is eyes, however, it also makes it a little creepier:

Honorable Mention

If you still have a few more minutes, and haven't quite gotten your fill of great videos, here are a few more for the road:

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