Weekly Online Video News Round Up - Winter's Coming Edition

Weekly Online Video News Round Up   Winters Coming Edition

So, winter's coming. It might not feel like it just yet...but it is. We had all best be prepared to face it head on. Actually, that reminds me I need to catch up on Game of Thrones again before Season 3 begins in March. Anyway, as winter slowly makes its march south, we still have plenty of news to keep up with.

Cablevision Streams Live TV, VOD To Android Devices

Cablevision Systems announced that its Optimum App — which among other features provides video and broadband subscribers access to their full TV and video-on-demand lineup over home Wi-Fi — is now available for select Android devices from Samsung Electronics and Google’s Motorola Mobility.

Source: Multichannel

MyPod Studios Expands Content with Bravo Studios Partnership

MyPod Studios (MPS), a premium online video community launched in September 2011, has begun the production of five original shows in partnership with Bravo Studios, a “green screen” video studio in Chelsea, New York. These shows are part of MyPod Studios’ strategy to create original, episodic video content that will provide information in an entertaining way – in short, easy to watch segments. The new shows will launch by the end of the year, along with 10 new satellite sites dedicated to cooking, health, entertainment and other topics.

More specifically, the shows will include:

  • “The Non Cooking, Cooking Show” featuring an expert host (yet to be named), showing audiences in 90-120 second segments how to use various spices, wines, knives, cheeses and other elements when cooking.
  • “Top Shelf” featuring expert mixologists showing how to mix a variety of popular (and not so common) drinks.
  • “Stretch at Your Desk” featuring fitness expert Phoenix Carnevale instructing audiences on clever, innovative methods for keeping fit and limber while at work.
  • “90 Second Savings” introducing a yet to be named financial expert as host, teaching creative methods for budget minded audiences to save money in their daily lives.

At least three other new shows are also being developed, with a rolling, monthly launch schedule of new productions planned throughout 2013.

Source: Press Release

Netflix Strikes Streaming Deal With Disney, Gains Exclusive Access To New Titles Beginning In 2016

Subscription streaming provider Netflix has entered the big leagues, as it just struck a wide-ranging deal with Disney, which will give it access to a bunch of Disney classics, bolstering its collection of kid friendly content. And, beginning in 2016, it will also be the exclusive distributor of new Disney live-action and animated features as they’re rolled out.

The exclusive part of the deal encompasses movies from Disney, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, and Disneynature, and includes distribution on all sorts of platforms, including online, on mobile and tablet devices, and on connected TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, and other streaming boxes. It falls in the pay TV window, meaning that Netflix will get access to that content at the same time that cable networks would normally get those titles, typically six to nine months after theatrical release, once DVD sales have cooled but before interest in the films have dissipated.

Source: TechCrunch

CBS: More Netflix, Other Streaming Content On The Way

Saying the distribution world has “changed drastically” is past few years, CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves said he expects the media company to expand content license distribution agreements with Netflix and other subscription video-on-demand services.

Speaking Tuesday at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference in New York, Moonves said there are new incremental revenue streams “popping up” everyday to monetize content, from SVOD, iTunes, electronic sellthrough and CBS.com.

Source: Home Media Mag

YouTube Tests New Video Shopping Experience

Google is in the early stages of creating a new shopping experience on video through its wildly popular YouTube site. A new beta feature released just before the holiday season is being adopted by brands, particularly fashion and retail, to drive in-stream sales.

Shoppable video is still in its infancy, but trends in online behavior and new shopping patterns are leading to a greater focus on the medium. Marketers have always had an eye out for sales through video content, but the path has largely been elusive. Google wants to change that by embedding clickable ads into products displayed on videos. The goal, of course, is to improve the online shopping experience without overwhelming YouTube videos with ads.

Source: ClickZ

Redbox Instant By Verizon Delayed Until Early 2013

It looks like Redbox Instant by Verizon, the streaming service joint venture that is trying to take on Netflix, won’t actually be launching until next year. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said Tuesday during the UBS Media conference that the service will launch in the late first or early second quarter of 2013. A spokesperson for Redbox Instant by Verizon confirmed that the consumer beta will launch sometime next month.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Webinar: Multiscreen Goes Mainstream

Instantaneous OTT access to video is the catalyst for innovation in the video industry. Join Elemental on December 18 for Multiscreen Goes Mainstream: A Look Inside the OTT Revolution, a webinar featuring three industry experts who will discuss how early adopters can gain the advantage of the next generation technology.

December 18, 2012 
11am EST / 8am PST

Upcoming Events

TV of Tomorrow (TVOT)
New York, New York
December 10

Session: The Top 10 Things We Learned from the 2012 Olympics
Elemental CEO Sam Blackman and executives from Turner Sports, the BBC and other organizations count down the most important points of the online Olympic experience.

SVG League Technology Summit
New York, New York
December 10 - 11

Panel: Second Screen Update: The Unified Experience
Elemental CEO Sam Blackman as well as experts from CBS Interactive and other organizations describe the Holy Grail for the second screen sports experience.

Netflix Says It Won’t Raise Prices After Disney Deal

Netflix Inc. doesn't plan to pass along the cost of the rights to Walt Disney Co movies to subscribers, a senior executive at the video streaming company said on Wednesday.

Netflix, which analysts estimate paid more than $350 million for the exclusive rights to stream Disney movies to TV beginning in 2016, is not considering a price increase to help finance the deal, said Ted Sarandos, the company's chief content officer, at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference.

YouTube NextUp: Get Collaborating

This is a cross-post from the Official YouTube blog

Alright stop, collaborate and listen.

YouTube has seen some pretty amazing collabs in its time. From exploring the possibility of a hollow earth to raging office warfare, you guys love to partner up and get creative. Collaboration, along with developing your audience and learning production best practices, has helped previous YouTube NextUp program alumni such as FinalCutKing, chescaleigh, TheCraftyGemini, and RatedRR take their channels to the next level.

Since the launch of the first YouTube NextUp program, a competition that we ran to help creators succeed back in 2011, we’ve helped turbocharge the careers of over 215 YouTube creators in 15 different countries. Today we’re re-launching YouTube NextUp for video creators in the United States: we’re looking for passionate, motivated YouTube creators who want to collaborate. To enter? Find another creator you’d like to partner with, and tell us what you’d like to film together.

If you’re selected as one of the top 30 channels, you will receive:

  • $3,000 to help you make your video dreams a reality
  • $4,000 of production equipment to up-level your skills
  • Two one week-long Creator Camps at the brand-new YouTube Space LA in January and March 2013 to film your collaboration and to learn some more tips and tricks of the trade.

Source: Youtube Creator Blog

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