The Weekly Online Video News Round Up - Rumor Edition

The Weekly Online Video News Round Up   Rumor Edition

We do our best every to cover the most important, most interesting, and most actionable news and articles in the world of online video. But we can't cover everything... at least, until we start cloning ourselves. So this weekly Sunday column is an attempt to highlight the best of the rest of the news stories and editorials from the previous week that we didn't cover. 

Without further ado...

Online Video News (& Rumors)

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  • This could have gone under news as well: Sharing your Netflix account in the state of Tennessee is now a crime. Time to stop letting your friends get free videos by using your credentials.
  • Angry Birds is coming to the Roku device--you'll be able to play the game, watch video shorts, and access the Angry Birds store. Check it out.
  • Google, Yahoo, & Microsoft have created a joint project called, which aims to be a resource for site owners to learn more about structured data and to helkp make search listings more robust and rich. Read more about it here.

Video Fun

I Leave You With…

One of the coolest music videos I've seen in a while, and one that incorporates light and architecture to create a video effect that I've just never seen before. Very cool stuff. Enjoy:

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