Weekly Online Video News Roundup - Super Hot Summer Starts Edition

Weekly Online Video News Roundup   Super Hot Summer Starts Edition

Summer roared into Wisconsin with highs in the mid-90s which, of course, meant my home office was unbearable and I had to try and escape as much as possible to cooler airs (and beverages). It's just 80 degrees in the office today so I thought I would quickly knock out the news round up before the mercury spikes and I have to run for refreshment.

Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards Partners with AOL.com to Present Best Viral Video Series Award

Wow really? It all seems like a dubious self-promotion that has absolutely nothing to do with the value of viral video. I mean who are the Emmy Awards and AOL in regards to viral videos? Most of the really great videos that went viral had nothing to do with AOL and certainly weren't on TV. Additionally, we already know which viral videos are the best, they're the ones that most successfully achieved the goal of the video whether it be raise brand awareness, increase consumer engagement or just flat out entertain.

AOL.com’s 12MM daily viewers had the chance to vote on the “Best Viral Video Series” from a collection of top Web videos. In addition, to gear up for the Daytime Emmys, AOL.com is featuring exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage of favorite Daytime stars and shows.

Wha? It's all just a marketing scam on their part it seems and is just a way to promote the fact that they were chosen to be the online channel for the awards...bah!

Source: Press Release

Adap.tv Announces Campaign Optimizer For Video

Some weeks, not everything that's fairly interesting to me, manages to get written up. Adap.tv's Campaign Optimizer is one of those things. Here's the details from the press release:

Adap.tv today announced its Campaign Optimizer for video, a ground-breaking technology that provides buyers with full visibility into the results of a campaign before running a single impression. Using historical data to analyze billions of impressions, the Campaign Optimizer allows buyers to set the performance goals they want, and get the real-time price and inventory availability needed to achieve them.

The Optimizer will be available next month and Adap.tv has stated that in a recent study it boosted completion rates 30% and lowered cost-per-completed-video 21%.

Source: Press Release

Adobe Announces The Release of Adobe Media Server 5 Professional

While it was announced earlier in the year it hadn't been released, until today!

Adobe Media Server 5 Professional is now available through Adobe, selected resellers, and Amazon Web Services. So if you've been waiting for the updated version and features, the wait is over.

This initial release, when combined with Adobe Access 4, allows media companies to stream protected, studio-grade content using a single digital rights management (DRM) workflow across desktops, connected TVs, tablets and smartphones, including iOS and Android devices. Adobe Media Server 5 offers expanded streaming protocol support for publishers to reach the broadest possible audience via HLS, HDS and RTMP. In addition, Adobe committed to supporting MPEG DASH in the future.

Dynamic and offline preparation of premium video content to be streamed using HTTP and protected with Adobe Access helps simplify workflows and lower storage costs for secure delivery of video to multiple screens. Also available today, the Adobe Access library for Apple iOS allows premium video developers to build the same trusted Adobe DRM capability they use for their desktop apps directly into their apps for distribution on Apple's App Store.

Available on Linux now and other platforms later in the year.

Source: PR email

Ooyala Boosts Analytics with Release of Ooyala Now

Not sure why I didn't get an actual email about this:

Content aggregators, TV programmers and service providers can use Ooyala Now to make smart decisions on promoting and monetizing content across their network. Data is presented in a simple, easy-to-use interface, including metrics such as popular content by market, real-time viewing statistics for each asset, and global content consumption patterns. Future product enhancements will provide publishers deeper insights into the consumer viewing experience by exposing quality-of-service data along with real-time advertising and subscription revenue metrics.

Weekly Online Video News Roundup   Super Hot Summer Starts Edition

It's all in real-time as well, hence the Now in the Ooyala Now. It also looks like they've got other analytics products coming later in the year as they've built out an all new backend infrastructure.

Yahoo! Expands Video Search

Yahoo! has redesigned their video search pages which now offer previews of videos as well as autoexpandable titles and YouTube videos are now being indexed. However, it seems that when you click one, it takes you to an embedded player on a Yahoo! page. Quirky.

Weekly Online Video News Roundup   Super Hot Summer Starts Edition

Source: keen observation on the author's part...

DailyMotion Takes on Neil Gladstone as New Vice President of Content

DailyMotion seems to be refocusing its attention on content creators as rumors swirl about the company being bought out by Orange (a Europe mobile network). They've already got 49 percent but are looking to take 51 percent or more by next January.

Dailymotion’s NYC office has just recruited Neil Gladstone as their new Vice President of Content, Mr. Gladstone previously served as Director of Content and Programming for MTV.com and Editor-in-Chief of AOL’s Asylum.com and Lemondrop.com, as well as founder of Comics Alliance.  Mr. Gladstone joins the team to oversee content acquisitions, partnerships, programming, creative content production and collaboration with video producers for Dailymotion’s expanding US Motion Makers program.

Content acquisitions, partnerships and creative content production are all key I think there. We'll have to keep an eye on DailyMotion now. I suspect they might have some interesting content announcements soon.

Source: PR Email

YuMe Unveils ACE for Publishers 4.0

So what's new in ACE for Publishers 4.0?

The AFP 4.0 suite features a new edition, AFP QuickStart, a web-based, easy-to-use service that allows any publisher to implement video advertising with minimal video ad operations expertise. The AFP QuickStart product is just one of the easily scalable solutions included in the ACE for Publishers 4.0 suite.

AFP 4.0 Video Ad Management Suite
AFP 4.0 simplifies complex ad operation processes to drive greater monetization, leveraging YuMe's ACE Relevance Engine to deliver the right ad to the right person across multiple devices. The complete AFP 4.0 suite is tailored to fit the client's needs and includes:

  • AFP QuickStart - An easy-to-use web-based software that offers intuitive workflows to help publishers quickly and efficiently maximize fill rates, scale their video advertising business, and increase revenue. It is ideal for publishers that work primarily with ad networks to monetize their inventory.
  • AFP Pro - A complete set of cloud operations tools designed for complex businesses to expand advertising inventory and control revenue generation. AFP Pro allows content distributors to easily engage and manage syndication networks and create custom sales packages that target audiences based on video content and player context.
  • AFP for Service Providers (AFP SP) - A complete video ad management solution intended to help OEMs and CE manufacturers develop their own video advertising businesses. This edition enables OEMs and CE manufacturers to enter the TV advertising value chain through the creation of private, branded ad networks.

Lumeo Launches to Make Animated Explainer Videos

I guess the industry couldn't come up with a better name than "explainer" videos. A shame really.

Melbourne-based production company Lumeo Inc. has just announced the launch of its services on Monday. The core of Lumeo Inc.'s operations will revolve around producing animated explainer videos.

Lumeo Inc. challenges this perception that a great explainer video cannot be affordable as well. At rates almost 60% cheaper than most competitors, Lumeo’s team of motion designers and copywriters have utilised years of experience in the industry to build a low-cost business model that champions small businesses.

Look, they've even got an explainer video for their own explainer video business:

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