Weekly Online Video News Roundup - Post Birthday Blues Edition

Weekly Online Video News Roundup   Post Birthday Blues Edition

We weep for the numbers tacked onto our ages this past week. Well, I don't actually. But I know many do. At least it's National left-handed day this week so we can stick it to the righties! On the online video front, the week started with a bang, and not because of any major meteor impacts on my birthday weekend, at least none that I heard about. No, it was more about lawsuits and imitation.

Aereo Streams on While FOX Fights Newcomer

I reported some time back that Aereo had been given a reprieve, they offer personal antennae that can be used to tune in TV stations in NYC which are then retransmitted to others through streaming and which broadcasters call foul on, when a judge disallowed an injunction against them.

Now, a new service, Barry Driller (the Aereo CEO is Barry Diller) is not only drilling holes in the boat but also in FOX's mental stability as they've already sued the copycat (Barry Driller does pretty much the same thing that Aereo does) and used the phrase technological gimmickry in the lawsuit.

We all wait to see who will win the day. I'm hoping on Aereo. Barry Driller, well it's the FilmOn guys (who were sued previously) and it's almost spoof-like in its marketing, go check out the site.

Much like Cablevision's remote storage DVR system, the BarryDriller system is also capable of allowing subscribers to save, retrieve and replay programming using a portion of the server allocated to them for that purpose. However BarryDriller is not currently planning to make those services available to consumers, who will only be able to view live television broadcasts using BarryDriller Ex service.

Then why mention it?

Source: GigaOm

HuffPost Opens Online Video Site

Jumping on the bandwagon of online video is Huffington Post, owned by AOL, with the launch of HuffPost Live. It's pretty content light at the moment and I can't say I like the layout. I'm sure it will evolve over time into something a bit more usable. They're using Google Hangouts for some of their video segments as well which just seems... cheap.

 Boxfish Fishes Captions for TV Viewing Suggestions

Here is how it works: Boxfish takes the closed captions from 3,600 cable and local broadcast stations all over the U.S. and indexes and analyses all this data in real time. The result is presented as a constantly updating stream of trends and topics — think Tweetdeck, but for live TV.

Source: GigaOm

Yahoo! Canada Screen Launched, Eh!

The site, which has been live in the U.S. since last fall, is launching with video content from Canadian partners, including Watch Mojo, ET Canada, Jolted Media, CBC, Canadian Press, and News Canada, Yahoo Canada’s head of media network Dan Unger tells realscreen‘s sister publication Media in Canada.

The site will also house Yahoo Originals content, including web series from Morgan Spurlock such as “Failure Club,” which follows seven people as they confront their fear of failure, and “Mansome,” which provides men with a guide to grooming, survival and cooking; as well as shows from partners such as ABC News, Access Hollywood, and Reuters.

Source: ReelScreen

 Apple Heading for Set-Top Box Territory?

It's been reported that Apple is talking with cable companies about a set-top box that would have live TV and other content. So basically, an Apple branded OTT rig it seems.

Consumers would be able to purchase the device instead of paying a monthly leasing fee to cable companies, said the person, who requested anonymity because the talks are private.

I can't see how the cable companies would be willing to give up all that free income they generate over the lifetime of a cable box rental by customers. It seems like it could be a play against Google who has their own system coming in and now owns Motorola Mobility, which makes set-top boxes (among other things).

Source: Bloomberg

Second Screen TV Experiences Growing

A couple things popped up on my radar this week in regards to TV and second screen. First up is a player in the TV check-in game, GetGlue.

GetGlue Becomes Second Screen TV Guide

With an app redesign, GetGlue is aiming at recommending content based on your behavior and preferences as well as friend recommendations. The update is ready for iPad now and will continue to roll out to other devices. It will offer shows currently on-air and real-time updates on what fans and friends are watching. It will also include live sports scores, stats and schedules based on user team selections. It doesn't have things like Premiership (UK soccer) just the major professional sports leagues in the US

The major place it lacks in? Original Web Series and IPTV. It's mostly cable based. Plus, it will be loading up with ads, or rather, sponsorships, soon:

GetGlue plans to sell sponsorships in the new app to TV networks and other content providers, to let them target promotions to users based on their tastes...

Source: MultichannelNews

Vobile TVSync API for Second Screen Apps

Companies are still taking a two screen approach to TV, while I think that at year end, most people will only need one screen as a slew of connected TV options launch and the holiday season breaks, but hey, that's just me...who's been observing the trend for over a year now. I'm sure there will still be room for second screen apps and it's probably cheaper to develop right now and more logical until there's a large install base of connected TVs.

Vobile has launched its TVSync connected TV and second screen API platform, which it’s touting as the first developer platform that support apps that bring the connected TVs experience to all four screens – smartphone, tablet, PC and Smart TVs.

Source: TheNextWeb

There are several other companies that are working on TV sync technologies. I imagine the company that has the tightest integration with the connected TV manufacturers, will have the best possible application platform at first. Or maybe two companies will tie up together, like Vobile and Rovi.

All Our Content Are Belong to Us, and Yours Does To!

Monetizing all those random postings of your content on a place like YouTube can be, well, nigh impossible. Not so with Zefr, formerly Movieclips, who just took in a fat stack of cash.

It used the initial cash to fund its early curation efforts and develop the technology it offered to major Hollywood studios to claim, tag and assemble licensed content posted on YouTube and allow advertisers to buy against premium movie content.

What do they do? they run a video catalog site that helps studios collect and monetize fan and professional postings on YouTube

Source: TheWrap

UltraViolet to Get Licensed Media Servers

The whole process is becoming a certified chain, the process of storing digital copies of films out on the web and being authenticated onto accounts for owners to view anytime. Now, Autonomic Controls will make UltraViolet servers.

Autonomic Controls will introduce the DRM service [UltraViolet] to its MMS-5AV Mirage Media Server, and enabling users to manage and playback their DVD and Blu-ray collections on multiple devices and enjoy all of the streaming content already supported by the server.

With those servers anyone could start up a Blu-Ray to digital business it seems like. This could be a new cottage industry as more and more Blu-Ray titles become UV compatible.

Source: Cedia Expo Insider

That's a Wrap

Alright, I'm off to the great outdoors, or am already there. It's not really all that great, I'm going camping in a park just outside of town, if I can manage to get out of here. Either way, I thought you might be interested in this final bit, an eMarketer interview with SVP of Digital at USA Network, Jesse Redniss, where he talks about social TV and second-screen experiences. While I might disagree with some of what he says, it's still an interesting read. I think second-screen is sort of an evolutionary point between IPTV and Smart TV. But hey, we're all entitled to our opinions!

If you're leftie and you know it, raise a fist! I am.

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