The Weekly Online Video News Reel - April Fools Edition

The Weekly Online Video News Reel   April Fools Edition

If you fell for the ReelSEO April Fool's Day prank I just have one thing to say: Haha! Suckers! If not, we'll try harder next year. That was a sort of spur of the moment one but I've got a great idea for next year. Regardless, let's take a stroll through the week and see what was hot in online video this week.

Top Read at ReelSEO

Most read at ReelSEO this week, was a story about a joke. An April Fool's Joke by YouTube. YouTube's 100th Anniversary April Fools Joke Takes Online Video Back To 1911 topped  the week's new, most read, list.

Following that up was the hotly debated Fox Is Going To Kill The Flash Mob With New Reality Show which saw some tempers flare, but those were quickly doused by the lameness that is FOX reality TV.

Third most read? Our own April Fool's Joke, Google Buys NetFlix to Use as New YouTube Premium Content Provider irony would dictate that on Monday that deal would be announced for real and then, even more ironically, I would have been correct even when joking about it. Doncha think?

Top Read Elsewhere

Ah those crazy Elsewherians were also out in force for April Fool's while everyone from Google to YouTube to Hulu got in on it, there was some real news this week as well. Though it seems like everyone put more time into the April Fool's pranks than real work this week.

Video Advertising


YuMe Relevance Engine
As publishers work to maximize the value of their content, they need to take into account key variables that matter to both consumers and advertisers: the content, the medium—mobile, TV, or online—and the location of the player on the webpage. AFP uses the YuMe Relevance Engine to help publishers automatically take these factors into account to create the most relevant advertising experience for TV brand advertisers.

ACE for Publishers Drives Greater Monetization ACE for Publishers introduces new features to facilitate sophisticated ad sales operations, including targeting and selling at different rates for all types of distribution and content categories. Specifically the platform enables publishers to:

• Maximize CPMs and fill rates by managing campaign delivery, multiple ad networks, and supply fluctuations according to business priorities at all times across all inventory and ad sources.
• Build and manage syndication networks by capturing, enforcing, and reporting on business relationships with syndication partners and content owners.
• Construct and serve against custom sales packages based on both the location of their video players and the video content running within those players.
• Package and sell inventory on all platforms and devices, including PCs, mobile phones, and connected TVs.
• Traffic and deliver direct-sold ad campaigns with ease.

To learn more about AFP, visit

TidalTV raises $30M to optimize video advertisements (Venturebeat)

The company's product helps advertisers deliver ads to target demographics across online video, mobile video, and television. TidalTV offers what it calls "zero waste advertising”, where it optimizes the distribution of in-stream ads so companies can reach the market they're looking for. The company says that if its platform doesn't allow your ad to reach the audience you want, you get your money back.

UM, Microsoft, Sony all pull plug on autoplay video ad network Fairfax (mumbrella)

Media agency UM has instigated an immediate ban on running their clients' commercials on Fairfax media because autoplay videos are annoying users and making them hostile to advertisers, marketing web site Mumbrella has revealed.

Sydney based UM's  clients include some major players in the tech industry Sony, Microsoft as well as Coles and even the Federal Government.

Um recently conducted a survey which indicated 96% of those surveyed said they found autoplay videos annoying.

Internet TV

Roku Heads to Retail reported by ZDNet

Roku HD set-top box will be sold at Best Buy locations nationwide.

The Roku XD has shipped direct to consumers up until this point, so this announcement is a bit of a milestone for the streaming player company. (Other Roku models can already be found at Fry's, Radio Shack and other tech stores.)

Sony's Crackle expands content on PS3, Roku (CNET)

ony Pictures Entertainment's Crackle online video platform is expanding its service on several devices, the company announced today.

When users boot up their PlayStation 3 consoles, as well as Roku set-top boxes, they will find all of Crackle's programming available. The full content lineup is also coming to Sony's line of Blu-ray players and Bravia televisions. Previously, users had access only to a small portion of Crackle content on those devices. The news follows an announcement in November that Crackle would be available to Google TV owners through an optimized Web site.

Video Platforms

Kaltura DragonFly Released

Highlighted New Features
Users, Roles & Permission Management
Now within the new Administration tab in the Kaltura Management Console, account managers can fully manage multiple users on a single Kaltura account.

  • Add, edit, block and delete users, and even assign each user with a specific role
  • Leverage existing roles in the system, or define your own roles with the highest level of access control for every feature and section within the KMC, based on your needs
  • Each account comes with 3 users; add as many users as you need with our affordable user packages

Mobile Delivery Enhancement

  • You can now grab an HTML5 player embed code directly from the KMC Preview & Embed screen and embed Kaltura's market leading HTML5 player on your site with automatic fallback to Flash (for browsers that do not support HTML5)
  • Mobile monetization is now available, including new advertising support on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) through HTML5 and VAST standard in addition to Flash advertising support on Android
  • Mobile delivery support for Blackberry devices with fallback for video download is now included

To learn about additional new features in Dragonfly browse the "What's New?" doc, check out the blog post .


Landmark Viewster patent decides dynamically to offer users 'free' or 'pay' viewing of movies on demand.

Fast growing VoD movie service Viewster will become the first platform to be able to dynamically compare its viewers with advertising inventory on offer from its ad-serving partners and decide to offer the viewer the choice between paying to watch the movie without interruption, or viewing it free of charge with advertising.
The dynamic 'pay or ads' offer, provided under technology for which Viewster parent company DIVA AG this month filed for patent protection in the US and EU, will be made active as a unique feature of Viewster by May 2011.
The new technology will mean Viewster will be able to take a dynamic decision to offer movies, or parts of movies, to be viewed free of charge, so long as it holds rights to show the particular movie without payment  and there is advertising inventory available from its ad partners for which the user in question provides a profitable profile match.
Two separate users may very well not find the same options on offer, even if choosing the same movie. Whether a user is offered free ad-supported viewing depends on whether his or her profile would make possible a profitable match with the ad inventory available at that precise moment and in that specific location.

Camera Technology

Camera market flipping to new sensor technology (CNET)

Image sensors are special-purpose, light-sensitive chips packed with complicated technology. But backside illumination, or BSI, is pretty easy to understand: flip the sensor around so the light it's detecting isn't partially blocked by a bunch of electronics. What used to be the back of the sensor is now facing outward toward the light.

The advantage, illustrated among other places in the iPhone 4 camera, is better light sensitivity. That opens up new options for camera makers.

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