Weekly Online Video News Round Up - Independence Edition

Weekly Online Video News Round Up   Independence Edition

What happens when a national holiday falls in the middle of the work week? Most people just take the week off. I am taking the later half so that means I've been writing this all week and compiling the interesting bits of the online video news world for you to read on the weekend if you're not off camping, hiking or whatever.

Freewheel Gives ABC a Ride

ABC is the latest broadcaster to have Freewheel manage their online video ad inventory and tie ads to videos, which is their bailiwick:

FreeWheel allows ads to follow the video wherever it happens to be, even YouTube. The dominant ad server for cable and broadcast networks, it recently added ABC Television Group to its roster, including ABC.com, ABCFamily.com and ABCNews.com, allowing the network to sell ads into shows whether they're viewed on ABC.com, Yahoo or mobile apps.

Source: AdAge

Unmetric New Social Benchmarking Tool For YouTube

From press release:

Unlike other platforms that gather YouTube metrics, Unmetric does more than just monitor and listen to social media. The Unmetric score unifies 24 qualitative and quantitative metrics into a single score ranging from zero to 100, and takes the guesswork out of deciding which YouTube campaigns are successful.

Unmetric allows companies to compare video statistics such as tags, views, comments, favorites and ratings from all the competitors in their space. Customers can also measure the total number of channel views and videos uploaded over a particular period of time in order to better understand how different campaigns affect overall success.

My first thought was; is it high school and we all need to know how popular we are? I guess there's some interest there and it could be used to hire/fire/motivate your social media teams and managers I guess.

Additional features that can be measured from YouTube include:
  •  Video length – compare the length of videos to determine if longer or shorter videos result in more views
  •  Content analysis – combine all a video’s tags into a single word cloud to see which content works for brands over time
  •  Top videos – view all-time top videos within a specific sector, or set a selected time period to view a list of the top 5 videos during that time
  •  Easy viewing access – watch videos directly from the Unmetric platform instead of going to youtube.com
  •  Weekly reports – Unmetric will send out weekly email alerts and performance reports so that customers don’t have to log in to find out what is happening on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook

Tom Hanks Show, Electric City, Ready for Yahoo

Tom Hanks is getting into online video in a big way with his Electric City series that is set to premiere on Yahoo! on July 17th. I'm excited about it because it could show other established producers in Hollywood that online video is a viable option for projects. I know, I know, we all know that already, but Hollywood is a ponderous beast that sometimes needs the mountain brought to it, right?

Yahoo will premiere its first original scripted show, Tom Hanks' long-awaited, animated web series "Electric City" on July 17. The Playtone- and Reliance Entertainment-created series, released in four to six minute videos, will be paired with Jump Games' iOS and Android apps, to offer a role-playing game that features main characters from the series and digital comic books that expand the mythology.

It also marks the beginning of Yahoo! publishing scripted web series and that's another big deal in my book. Plus, this is a full on transmedia deal with an iOS and Android RPG (role-playing game) and digital comics. Well done Mr. Hanks, I salute you.

Source: The Wrap

Seinfeld Series Sizzles on Crackle

So Jerry Seinfeld is moving over to online video as well:

The comedian announced Thursday that he'll debut the Web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" on July 19. The interview show will feature Seinfeld's comedian friends as guests.

Source: AP

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