Weekly Online Video News Round Up - High summer Edition

Weekly Online Video News Round Up   High summer Edition

So we're a month into summer officially and high temperatures still abound while rain is scarce. All the more reason to stay inside and watch online video, and to water the lawn sparingly to conserve water. So here's a quick look at the week of online video news in review.

Hulu Updates Player, Adds Features

This came in late last week, but I was slacking off. Hulu updated their player with a 10-second quick rewind option and more. According to the Hulu blog:

The new player is now a sleeker, chromeless and friendlier interface—and it puts the shows you love at center stage...

...The new 10-second rewind, for example, allows you to quickly jump back...

...You can easily browse more videos inside the player without stopping what you’re already watching with a new feature called Up Next...

Closed captions, pop-out player, and lower lights are all in one nifty spot.

Well, that's quite nice of them. Now you don't have to scramble for some control when a video ends either. I usually have my iPad on hand and that controls my PC through a nifty little app called Hippo LITE so it's not a big deal. I don't like to watch on other platforms like the PS3 or Xbox 360, because of their silly failure to get rights to stream most stuff outside a browser.

Source: Hulu Blog

Speaking of Hulu...

Hulu in the Thick of It

Not only will they air the uncensored version of the show next month, but they've also got their hands in the Uk comedy's production.

Hulu says its first international co-production with the BBC will be the fourth season of Armando Iannucci's British political comedy "The Thick of It."

Beginning July 29, Hulu and Hulu Plus will be the exclusive U.S. destination for fans to watch the first three seasons of the program.

Source: UPI

YuMe Flips for Tablet Video Ads

YuMe seems to have beat even most mobile ad companies with a video ad unit designed specifically to take advantage of touch screen interfaces on tablets with their new "Mobile Flip" announced this week. While some might say it's just a full-screen interactive ad, and wouldn't be far off the mark, it's a slight over-simplification really.

Leveraging the native functionality of iOS and Android-based mobile devices, YuMe Mobile Flip creates a highly immersive advertising experience on tablets that allows consumers to instantly capture and retain key ad messages on one “slate” – or view – of a tablet device or smart phone, and then quickly “flip” to a second slate to interact further with the brand. Such deeper consumer connection often involves viewing more video content from the advertiser, visiting a mobile web site, engaging with social extensions, requesting more information, or making a purchase.

The ad unit actually comes in three flavors:

  • Image2Video: A custom-built interactive slate flips to a video ad
  • Video2Image: A video ad flips to a custom-built interactive slate
  • Video2Video: A video ad flips to another video – such as a long-form video

Netflix profits fall 91% Boo-woo-woo-Boop-boop (Pac-Man death sound)

The second quarter was not kind to Netflix who stated a 91% drop in profits which caused shares to drop 20%. Why? Slow growth which they expect to continue and which will probably culminate in a loss for the last quarter of the year. And you all thought I was crazy when I rang the death bell for them late last year. Their financial report made me laugh. They had 530,000 new accounts in Q2 in the US and another 560,000 internationally. Next quarter they are predicting 1-1.8M more but I think is pretty extreme and I'd be surprised if they manage even the 1 million mark.

Along with all that, they reportedly lost 850,000 DVD subscribers in Q2.

Overall for the second quarter, Netflix posted revenue of $889 million, up 13% from the year-earlier period, and net income of $6 million versus $68 million in Q2 2011.

Brightcove Profits Rocket, Buys Out Zencoder

Brightcove announced Q2 financial results of $21.6 million up 41% y/y, exceeding guidance and expectations.  Brightcove ended the second quarter with 4,697 customers using its Video Cloud and App Cloud platforms, up 43% year-over-year. http://investor.brightcove.com/

Oddly, while I was writing up a list of cloud encoding services, this also came in.

Brightcove also announced the acquisition of Zencoder, a  leading cloud-based video encoding service used by more than 1,000 organizations worldwide.  Brightcove is expecting to spend approximately $30 million for the acquisition of Zencoder.

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