Weekly Online Video News Round Up - Hard-Pressed for Time Edition

Weekly Online Video News Round Up   Hard Pressed for Time Edition

So, while you are reading this, I'm probably speeding across the country at some 700mph on my way to Los Angeles for E3 - the world's largest video game show. Still, I made some time to get this compiled so that you would have something to go with your Saturday morning coffee.

The whole industry has been busy this week with tons of interesting new original web series stuff going on.

Unilever + News Corp + Viacom  = Content

TV soaps might be dying off like dinosaurs after meteor impact, but Unilever is shifting funding to the creation of online video content. Yet they've hooked up with two companies that are more cable oriented. They're sponsoring a YouTube channel, WIGS, marketed by News Corporation and will be used to "engage with consumers for brands such as Simple, Nexxus haircare, and Bertolli frozen food." They have also signed up their Sure deodorant as a sponsor on Touch starring Kiefer Sutherland.

Source: Unilever partners with News Corp and Viacom for digital content

Facebook + TBS = Branded Content

So what if you lose $4B in a week when you're Mark Zuckerberg right? There will always be other deals to make and money to horde. As proof, I offer you this piece.

Facebook, TBS and DumbDumb have inked a deal where "the social network distribute branded entertainment videos on its site, while TBS will distribute the same videos across its TV and digital properties."

It's all short form sub-5-minute video content which are, according to AdAge, "developed by DumbDumb, the digital-production company launched by former "Arrested Development" co-stars Will Arnett and Jason Bateman. The company has previously worked directly with brands like Old Navy, Orbit gum, and Denny's."

Basically, TBS is packaging up its TV content with its digital content (see Upfronts vs. NewFronts) for advertisers:

In the package that TBS has been presenting to advertisers since its upfront, brands can opt to promote the video DumbDumb produces for them through TV spots featuring an abbreviated version of the video on shows like "Conan" and "Family Guy," through digital buys across Turner properties like Teamcoco.com, Adultswim.com and NBA.com, and also on Facebook.

I've been talking about this sort of thing for some time now. Glad to see someone doing it, tying TV and online content into ad packages.

Source: TBS Promoting Facebook Ads as Part of Upfront Package at AdAge

TV Interaction Spreads to Online

eMarketer reported on a survey they did that looked at interactions around TV viewing. Here's the quick results. Weekly Online Video News Round Up   Hard Pressed for Time EditionTV remains a physically social activity as most often people are in the same room with others. However, nearly everything after that involves digital social mechanics being it social networking, text messaging, informational searches online etc.

Of special note is the third line "Watch TV show clips on social networks" which makes me think, how many of them are watching clips on sites that aren't social networks?

If 58% are turning to social networks for additional information, how many are going to brand, broadcaster or show-specific sites on the web to get more viewing?

Also, how can we call monetize that outside of traditional video advertising. Perhaps one might look into conquest or complementary video ad placement of their original web series for competing or similar TV shows. Then again, it depends on who is placing those ads because TV is still hyper-competitive. You never see an ad for a show on NBC over at FOX do you? Yet it's not uncommon to see an ad for a video show that is on a completely different video site online.

Get into the Groove with Vimeo Music Features

Vimeo has expanded some cloud-based video enhancement tools with the addition of customizable music and a music store.

From the press release:

 The new Enhancer allows people to add any of the 50,000+ music tracks from the Vimeo Music Store to their Vimeo videos directly from the site.  New music partner SmartSound adds nearly 4,000 customizable tracks to give Vimeo customers the ability to match a complete piece of music perfectly to the length and mood of their videos.

It seems that the Vimeo Video Enhancer will be a set of tools and apps that will let you improve both videos you've already got up on the service as well a new videos. The audio tool, "gives video creators the ability to add a new soundtrack to their already uploaded video, adjust the existing audio levels, and control the start and end-point of the song."

The music store is powered by SmartSound which has around 4000 songs. SmartSound music is available now from the Vimeo Music Store, priced at $1.99 a track for personal use license and $19.99 per track for a commercial license.

Source: PR Newswire (http://s.tt/1d52t)

PointRoll Points to Ad Performance

PointRoll, owned by Gannett, released some 2011 ad performance benchmarks in a recent report. The benchmarks are surely just for Gannett sites but they talked about some video stats like:

The Consumer Goods Manufacturer and Automotive verticals captured the highest video completion rates at 50% and 100%.Consumer Goods advertisers often use video in their campaigns, which not only ties online and offline campaigns together, but also demonstrates the value of the product. Rich media is an ideal communication vehicle for automotive marketing, allowing marketers to easily deliver messaging through video, including interactive video.

Read through the whole report at your leisure (it's 16 pages).

CPG Study: Online Ad Campaigns Using Purchaser Data Nearly Triples ROI

OK this isn't really about video but I wanted to include it because I thought that if you tied these findings into your online video marketing campaign you'd see that much more success. Nielsen dropped a report recently about how CPG campaigns that utilize specific data see more success. Well, take that and then add video into the mix and it should be exponentially better, right?

From their blog:

A key metric for measuring campaign success is the ratio of the sales generated compared with the cost of the advertising, typically expressed as a cost per thousand or “CPM.” The incremental sales revenue per thousand households or “RPM” is compared with the advertising CPM to determine the return, or payback. According to Nielsen Catalina Solutions’ research, the average payback for all CPG categories was 2.79, ranging from 2.36 for food items to 5.29 for the pet category.

Weekly Online Video News Round Up   Hard Pressed for Time Edition

Source: Nielsenwire

Finally, Tell, a story

Ryan Connolly is a master of video how-to with his Film Riot series and a master how not to with his Film State series. Alright, not all Hollywood films are how-not-to's but there's plenty. Now he's finally gone from telling you how to do stuff with video, to telling you a short story, with video. Tell, is a short film by Ryan and Triune films. It's creepy and cool and some of the cinematography is off the charts. Don't believe me? Watch this.

From Ryan: One of the most interesting aspects of the film is how it was made. I was determined to prove that you could make a professional level short film without all the perks of Hollywood. So with that in mind, and with a budget of only $2,000, I started enlisting the services of family and friends to help me get this film done.

How's that for some inspiration?

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