Weekly Online Video News Round Up - Birthday Edition!

Weekly Online Video News Round Up   Birthday Edition!

Happy Birthday Mark! And, since it's Saturday, Happy Birthday, to me, happy birthday, to me, happy birthday dear Christophor (boom cha) happy birthday to me! Alright, enough tomfoolery, I'm going to eat cake with my coffee, you go catch up on this week in online video news.

Apple iOS6 to be Sans YouTube App

Citing an expiration of a license, Apple will not include YouTube in the next iteration of the iOS software. This seems to be an ongoing trend in a war with Google as they have also done away with Google Maps as well. You can probably still download it, and of course, there's always the web interface.

Rovi Sues Everyone! OK, Just Hulu, Netflix and Amazon.com

Bickering continues as Rovi has not reached deals with three major online video companies and has now, decided to sue them. Or rather, they're already suing them and were trying to work out deals for licenses. When did litigation become a bargaining tool? It doesn't seem all that productive to me. The row is all about technology in interactive program guides, and other tech they own. Still, it seems somewhat frivolous, I wonder who will risk it and go all the way to court? Amazon?

They are also looking at lower revenue and layoffs.

In the second quarter Rovi entered into new license agreements covering the television and TV Everywhere field of use with Cogeco and with Google, which is launching fiber-based Internet and TV service in Kansas City, and cut deals with CE manufacturers Funai and JVC. The company noted it has struck prior patent-licensing deals for TV Everywhere with Comcast, NDS (now owned by Cisco Systems), Apple and Sony.

Source: Multichannel News

 Mediacom Turns On Bandwidth-Surcharge Meter

Major cable network are turning on bandwidth-charging which is the suck for consumers (how much more anti-consumer can the Fed govt get?) After decades of unfettered Internet access, now they all seem to be crumbling under the weight of their own shortsighted infrastructures. Clearly they all oversold their networks because now they can't afford to sustain a customer base that is actually using the promised bandwidth.

The usage allowances, introduced Aug. 1, vary by package and range from 150 Gigabytes per month for Mediacom Launch (3 Mbps down) to 999 GB per month for Mediacom Ultra (50 Mbps down) and Ultra Plus (105 Mbps down). Customers who exceed their monthly usage allowance will be charged $10 for each additional 50 GB used.

Only new customers and existing customers who opt-in to the new packages will be affected by the change

Other companies going to metered bandwidth include AT&T, Comcast, Suddenlink and Time Warner Cable.

At the rate their going, soon there won't be free Wi-fi at cafes or restaurants. It seems like a major step back into the dark ages to me.

Source: Multichannel news

Hulu Starts Up New Original Web Series: Up to Speed

Timothy "Speed" Levitch has got a new show on Hulu, Up to Speed.

...in which he goes from city to city to uncover America’s “monumentally ignored monuments.” Because we also have functioning human hearts, we’re proud to say that “Up to Speed” will air exclusively on Hulu and Hulu Plus every Thursday for the next six weeks, starting today.

In the very first episode, he talks about a house of falling furniture in San Francisco that is “radically self-expressing” just by being there.

 AOL On Connected TV App Gets Advertising, TiVO

Version 2.0 of the AOL On connected TV app has launched and now features ad-serving capabilities. It is available on Samsung, Roku and Sony currently. A TiVO beta app is also available now.

The upgraded AOL On app boasts a newly redesigned, cutting-edge user interface. In addition to AOL original content from properties like Moviefone, Engadget and HuffPost Entertainment, the app will feature high-definition videos from the AOL On Network's premium content partners like Reuters, AP, BBC, Newsy, Entertainment Tonight, Sugar, E!, Splash News, CNET and Gourmet TV. New content will be added on a daily basis.

he newly upgraded app will also feature ad-serving capabilities, enabling AOL advertisers to reach consumers across a variety of connected TV platforms. Campaigns will be executed via pre-roll ad units across AOL On's premium, brand-safe content.

Seems that new AOL video initiative chief really has an eye on the future. Not only connected-TV but advertising as well on that platform. Well Done.

Source: Press Release

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