Weekly Online Video News Round Up - Autumn Begins Edition

Weekly Online Video News Round Up   Autumn Begins Edition

I had to turn on the heat on Monday, wake up was 61 degrees in the house and that was enough to make me fire it up. It might not last as it seems like we might get some indian summer here. Tuesday could be like 63 degrees. Of course, you'll be reading this Saturday or Sunday and well, we'll be back in the mid 50's then in Milwaukee.

RLJ Entertainment to Create YouTube-like VOD Service

RLJ Acquisitions is headed by Robert Johnson, founder of BET (Black Entertainment Television), who holds the title of chairman of The RLJ Companies, including RLJ Entertainment, which is based in Bethesda, Md.

Johnson intends RLJ Entertainment to focus on exploiting Acorn’s British-centric content across all distribution channels, including recently launched Acorn TV. He also envisions mining Image’s 800 hours of urban content into a viable digital distribution platform.

Johnson says he wants to emulate Tyler Perry’s appeal in the black market through the launch of an urban-based subscription video-on-demand service (through YouTube) featuring Image’s catalog fare and third-party content.

Read more: Home Media Magazine

YouTube Adding 60 More Channels

YouTube says it will put money into more than 60 new “channels” — branded destinations that show a mix of original programming and clips pulled from around the Web. The idea is to make the site more “TV-like” — and convince viewers and advertisers to spend more time and money there.

Revision3 Prepares Tech Feed Launch Via YouTube

The main thrust of the programming will be daily tech segments focusing on news of the day, reviews of software and hardware, unboxing of hot new products, as well as interviews with leading experts in the tech industry. The segments will feature news anchors, as well as recurring guests such as Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont, from Tekzilla. In addition, Tech Feed will offer six individual weekly series that focus on different angles of technology, from news commentary to car tech, cyber-crime, and security and survival tech.

 Slingbox releases two new devices for watching TV anywhere

The Slingbox is a device that streams content from cable and satellite providers to mobile devices and computer, allowing you to watch whatever is playing on your TV or recorded on your DVR far from your home. Instead of having to plant yourself in front of the living room television to watch a new episode of "Breaking Bad," you can watch a live or DVR stream of it from another room, state or country using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The two new Slingbox models add in some key features that were absent from the previous model, the Slingbox Pro HD. The smaller $180 Slingbox 350 can stream videos up to 1080p and has simplified the set-up process.

The $300 Slingbox 500 also streams1080p HD content and has a variety of connection options, including HDMI, component and composite for linking to your other devices and television set.

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Rovi Adds Polling to Connected TV Capabilities

Rovi Corporation announced the availability of a new Rovi Advertising Network polling feature that allows marketers to increase brand engagement across smart TV devices. Designed to empower viewers to voice their opinions and respond to surveys, polling enables conventional and entertainment advertisers to implement creative campaigns that drive consumers to more deeply connect with brands.

Polling adds to this functionality and enables advertisers to present a question or multiple questions, with answer options that may be selected by the viewer via a remote control. After selecting an answer, viewers are able to see the results in real-time and learn how their responses compare with others across the globe. Uniquely, Rovi’s polling product combines all answers received across its connected device footprint, regardless of manufacturer. Polling may be used by brands to deliver trivia contests or by programmers in order to allow viewers to vote on show-related elements such as a favorite character. Insightful post-campaign data such as polling results by country location and day-part are delivered to advertisers through Rovi Analytics, a reporting tool that provides extensive metrics to enable agencies and brands to comprehensively measure TV advertising buys.

Source: Press Release

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