Weekly Online Video News Round Up

Weekly Online Video News Round Up

Another week is rapidly passing us by and once again I've collected all the news that didn't make it into an article here at ReelSEO. It's a diverse array of interesting stats, offerings and ideas.

Jivox Incentivizes Video Ads with MP3 Downloads

Jivox has a new interactive video ad unit called Maestro, which features a video ad with an incentivized music reward. Marrying Jivox’s multi-screen interactive video advertising technology with Music Interactive’s expansive musical library allows brands to associate with the pop culture of music, while increasing ad engagement and return on investment (ROI) .

Once the Jivox ad plays for a set duration, viewers will receive a free sponsored MP3 download from the vast Music Interactive library. This includes thousands of songs that play on any device and are neither tethered nor DRM-encoded, leaving consumers with a positive brand experience. The platform also intelligently sorts its vast music library to offer the most popular songs, which will appear at the top, each time the ad loads. The video ad and music reward are both self-contained within the ad unit, which strengthens the time spent with the brand. Music Interactive holds the relationships and music rights for songs listed.

Datalogix and BrightRoll offer DLX TV

With DLX TV integrated into the BrightRoll network as well as its exchange, advertisers can extend the reach of TV campaigns to viewers who have not seen specific ads and expand messaging frequency to target audiences effectively aligning TV and digital media plans. BrightRoll recognizes the benefits of complementing TV campaigns with a digital plan and works closely with advertisers to integrate the two.

Datalogix receives data from TiVo Research and Analytics (TRA), which anonymously captures viewing data across 4.2 million U.S. household set-top box devices. Datalogix builds a consumer-viewing model, applies the resutling segmentation to its anonymous online audience and makes this audience available to media partners such as BrightRoll.

Tout Powers Wall Street Journal Video Newsgathering

Launching in conjunction with the start of the Republican National Convention this week in Tampa, Fla., WSJ WorldStream is the latest addition to WSJ Live, the Journal's video initiative, which has launched four new shows in the past year from New York, London, Hong Kong, and Washington, DC.

WSJ WorldStream is powered by San Francisco-based Tout.com, and it’s available on WSJ.com and as a free web app.

New York Times Relaunches Online Video

The New York Times has relaunched its online video platform at NYTimes.com, with a new design, larger player and improved navigation. The revamped platform is designed to be compatible with multiple operating systems and devices, including the Web, smartphones and tablets.

The NYT’s mobile apps have also had their video components upgraded.

Under the new system, videos are organized into channel pages based on their subjects, with categories including News/TimesCast, editor’s choice, world, U.S., business, science, opinion, arts, style, sports and “latest news." Top-of-page navigation tools are intended to make it easier to browse the archive.

Source: MediaPost

Netflix Deep in DVD Trouble? Offering Free Month to Streaming Subscribers

Netflix is quietly offering its 24 million streaming subscribers in the United States a free month of disc rentals, the by-mail packaged media rental pioneer disclosed in a company blog.

The company is also offering its 2.5 million disc-only subs a free month of streaming. Both offers are part of tweaks to the service’s billing statement that went into effect Aug. 23.
Source: Home Media mag

Mutli-Channel Loses Ground in Q2 2012, Still Gaining?

Leichtman reported that around 540,000 video subscribers were lost in Q2 2012 by the top nine cable companies, compared to 600K the year before. Satellite lost 62,000 compared to 109,000 the year before. Most of that, 52,000 was DirecTV. Probably due to their fight with Viacom?

Overall, losses are slightly over the year before. When telephone companies are added in (FIOS and U-Verse) they mitigated a good amount of losses. Q2 2012 saw 325,710 losses, versus Q2 2011 which was 324,403.

Multi-channel Video ProviderSubscribers at End of Q2 2012Net Adds in Q2 2012Net Adds in Q2 2011
Cable Companies
Time Warner^12,484,000(169,000)(141,600)
Cable ONE612,729(9,6100)(10,403)
Other Major Private Cable Companies*7,060,000(70,000)(45,000)
Total Top Cable52,067,829(538,710)(601,403)
Satellite TV Companies (DBS)
Dish Network14,061,000(10,000)(135,000)
Total Top DBS33,975,000(62,000)(109,000)
Telephone Companies
Verizon FIOS4,473,000120,000184,000
AT&T U-verse4,146,000155,000202,000
Total Top Phone8,619,000275,000386,000
Total Multi-channel Video94,661,829(325,710)(324,403)

Sources: The Companies and Leichtman Research Group, Inc.
* Includes LRG estimates for Cox and Bright House Networks
^ Total includes estimates for Time Warner Cable's acquisition of Insight
Net additions reflect pro forma results from system sales and acquisitions
Top multi-channel video providers represent approximately 94% of all subscribers
Top cable companies do not include WOW's acquisition of Knology completed in July
Company subscriber counts may not solely represent residential households
Note that LRG consumer research finds that about 1% of households subscribe to both cable and DBS

LG Expands Connected Device Offerings

LG Electronics is debuting the LG Optimus G smartphone, which has a Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor and a True HD IPS+ display. The company is also introducing the TM2792 Personal Smart TV with Cinema 3D and LG Smart TV capabilities. In addition, LG's Game World will offer games as applications for its Smart TVs.

Colleen Zenk Joins Original Web Series Thurston

Saytime Emmy winner Colleen Zenk (who starred as Barbara Ryan for 32 years on CBS As The World Turns) is joining our western series THURSTON in season 2 over at SFN.

California Heaven Gets Interactive On The SFN Network

Launched in the summer of 2006, California Heaven is the longest-running, original scripted online soap in web history with over 100 produced episodes filled with gorgeous bodies, sinister subplots and plenty of family drama.   And now it's about to get interactive.

Created by Stewart St. John and Todd Fisher and airing exclusively on their online television network The SFN (http://www.sfntv.com), the team has introduced a new  component to compliment the series: beginning immediately, visitors to the site can submit questions, via an online form, to the soap's mysterious oracle character "Shine" -- and check back later to watch her video response.

Adobe Pass 2.0 Coming Soon

Adobe extends its position as the leading authentication technology for the broadcast and cable industry, announcing Adobe Pass 2.0, with innovative capabilities that advance the success of TV Everywhere: reach across all platforms, seamless consumer experience, and TV-level scale. Adobe 2.0 was  successfully tested and showcased during the London Games and is expected to drive mainstream adoption of TV Everywhere for day-to-day content consumption across devices. New features include:

  • Auto-Authentication: Support for Auto-Authentication in Adobe Pass 2.0 enables automatic recognition and authentication of customers, who receive both their TV and Internet service from the same provider, based on their IP or MAC address. The feature, which makes the authentication process much more easy and seamless, was used by Comcast and Cablevision during the London Games and saw an authentication success rate that was 23 percent higher than pay TV operators that didn’t take advantage of the capability.
  •  Free Preview: The new Free Preview feature offers consumers temporary access to premium TV content online for a pre-determined amount of time. The feature ensures that consumers have instant access to TV content without having to wait until the user credentials are verified.
  • Server side API: Coming this fall, Adobe Pass will make it even easier for programmers to support a broad range of devices via a clientless implementation. This new server side API enables content providers to integrate authentication within native applications ensuring faster time-to-market and allowing customers to expand the reach of TV Everywhere to the broadest possible audience.

 DailyMotion Gives Site a FaceLift

Following up on Hulu and Netflix finishing big refreshes of their pages and players, DailyMotion has done one as well.

The brand new layouts transform the way Dailymotion viewers consume video by offering:

  • Endless, uninterrupted and immediate video playback from each homepage design with no in-stream or pre-roll advertising (during beta phases of launch, post-launch TBD)
  • Customizable, real-time updated video recommendations fully personalized to each viewer’s selected channels and genres
  • Social integration with Facebook’s Open Graph and Timeline features through the Dailymotion plug-in to instantly share videos with friends and family; Twitter as well
  • Engaging, stylized layouts designed to optimize the video experience, increase viewership and overall duration & enjoyment of online viewing
  • The new Dailymotion homepage offers two different layouts – mosaic style and feed style.
    o Mosaic style displays a “Pinterest” style collage of videos arranged in an endless cascade of large and small previews.
    o Feed style displays video in a list of top-picks that scrolls infinitely.
  • Every Dailymotion user can customize their homepage view in either layout tailored to their personal tastes, favorite genres and social viewing habits
  • Feed-style view maintains Dailymotion’s “Most viewed” and “What’s Hot” trending lists
  • Content for the homepage is curated by the site’s editorial team, then accordingly personalized for each individual viewer based on their category selections and viewing patterns
  • All in-stream advertising on the homepage has been removed, allowing for on-demand playback of clips without interruption; this will be maintained in the beta-testing phase
  • The site will roll out in metered releases for full release by the end of September
  • Videos play within enlarged previews in both layouts, but the original source page and user channel can still be accessed by simply clicking on the title or creator link
  • Both layouts are designed to maximize user enjoyment, transform the experience of watching online video and increase length of viewership with an engaging and uninterrupted playback functionality

Google Shuts Down TV Ads Service

Our goal is to provide all our customers with the best digital marketing opportunities. In 2007, we launched Google TV Ads in AdWords to bring digital buying and measurement technologies to traditional TV advertising. Since then, lots of our clients have bought traditional TV advertising for the first time.

However, video is increasingly going digital and users are now watching across numerous devices. So we’ve made the hard decision to close our TV Ads product over the next few months and move the team to other areas at Google. We’ll be doubling down on video solutions for our clients (like YouTube, AdWords for Video, and ad serving tools for web video publishers). We also see opportunities to help users access web content on their TV screens, through products like Google TV.

Of course we'll continue to support our partners, and our clients’ campaigns, as we shut the product down.

Thanks to all our clients, partners and the team that has worked on Google TV Ads over the past few years. The future of video advertising is extremely bright and we’re excited to devote ourselves fully to it.

Posted by Shishir Mehrotra

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