The Weekly Online Video News Round Up - The 128,000 Foot Edition

The Weekly Online Video News Round Up   The 128,000 Foot Edition

Over the weekend some teams won, some teams lost, some teams finally lived to my expectations. However, that's all sports and we have to get on to talking about the online video news. A big thing this week is Providence Equity Partners selling their 10% stake in Hulu. It was purchased for $100 million and sold for double that. Not bad for a 4.5 year investment I guess. But what's next for Hulu? However, more interesting things have been going on, like Felix Baumgartner's amazing freefall from 128,000 feet that had him traveling at the speed of sound.

Red Bull Stratos

Yesterday marked another milestone in online video's continuing evolution as 8 million concurrent live streams of Felix Baumgartner's Red Bull Stratos Mission were delivered, as confirmed by YouTube on Sunday.

Several different parties involved in making the live stream successful, starting with Red Bull Media House which with its partners created a high-altitude "flying production studio" with 35 moving and still cameras that brought back all the action from 23 miles above the Earth (during the final "egress list" check-off, the on-board camera really made you feel like you were sitting next to Baumgartner).

For Red Bull, which underwrote Stratos as a branding play, the superb quality was a big win. YouTube was also an important partner, with its embeddable player available on all platforms, including mobile.

Congrats to Red Bull, Stratos and Super Fast Felix B.! It was amazing to watch...


  • WHAT: Live Stream hosted by Rev3 Games hosts Anthony Carboni, Max Scoville and Tara Long
  • WHEN: Sat, Oct 20th at 8am PT through Sun, Oct 21st 8am PT
  • WHERE:
  • GUESTS: Developers from Gearbox, Double Fine, and more

The Rev3Games team, including Max Scoville, Anthony Carboni, and Tara Long, will be live streaming a 24-hour gaming marathon on Saturday, October 20th to support Extra-Life, the biggest gaming charity event of the year. 

As they play various video games, they'll be asking for donations, 100% of which support the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 

Additionally, during the stream, they’ll be giving away a ton of prizes, including copies of Borderlands 2, XCOM, Spec Ops the Line, and many more.

Online Video Startup Spotlights Top Indie Pilots In ‘TV Reset Project’

Boston based entertainment start-up, ZoomTilt, is looking forward to spotlighting 11 independent filmmakers next week by naming them semi-finalists in their globally ran competition “The TV Reset Project.”

“The TV Reset Project,” is a digital TV movement created by ZoomTilt, a Boston based entertainment start-up that provides development and marketing support to independent filmmakers to enable them to create financially sustainable internet TV.

The hundreds of submissions were narrowed down to the 12 semi-finalists by a judging panel of powerhouses from the entertainment industry; an impressive line-up of individuals who work both in front and behind the camera and teach in the world’s most sought-out classrooms and higher education institutions. Select judges include: Ross Brown (Writer/Producer – The Facts of Life, Who’s the Boss?, Step by Step), John Cabrera (Writer– WB’s H+ Digital Series) Anne Watters (Producer – ABC, BRAVO, E!, MTV), Laurie Hutzler (UCLA Film Professor, founder of, Vladimir Zelevinsky (Screenwriter/Playwright - two-time finalist for the Heideman Award, Winner of the Turner Cassity Prize), Dustin Lee (Creative Consultant and Producer) and Mark Gardner (Award Winning Writer/Director – CELL: The Web Series).

The 12 semi-finalists in the TV RESET PROJECT are as follows:

  • Chris Notaralie, JACI, Genre: Action
  • Christophor Rick, NOT SO SUPER, Genre: Drama ( ME! ME! ME!!!!)
  • Greg Lam, BLACKOUT, Genre: Adventure
  • Alex Michaels, I DARE YOU TO KILL HER, Genre: Thriller
  • Juan Reinoso, MONTAGUE HEIGHTS, Genre: Crime
  • Ben Heald, THE SUNSHINE ROOM, Genre: Thriller
  • Todd Rulapaugh and Brian Groh, COOL JUSTICE, Genre: Comedy
  • Stacie Capone, WINGWOMEN, Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Travis Tyler and James Poirier, SPYCOLOGY, Genre: Comedy
  • Evan Buxbaum, TWO FEET UNDER, Genre: Comedy
  • Slane Hatch, ROBIN’ HOOD, Genre: Comedy
  • Douglas Stark, THE OTHERS, Genre: Thriller


Sorenson Media and RealNetworks Partner on Video Solutions

Sorenson Media today announced a strategic partnership with RealNetworks to provide an end-to-end solution to encode, manage and deliver top-quality online video content—from adaptive, multi-format encoding to live and on-demand streaming.

The partnership between Sorenson Media and RealNetworks unites industry-leading products designed for enterprise organizations and content providers. These product lines include:

·  The RealNetworks Helix Media Delivery Platform, helping customers simplify media streaming with one platform to encode, manage and deliver media. The platform’s core components—Helix Media Library, Helix Universal Media Server, Helix Producer and Helix Enterprise Player—are designed to enable organizations to securely encode, manage and deliver media to users on a wide range of players, platforms and devices.

·  Helix Media Library, the lead product within the Helix Media Delivery Platform. Helix Media Library lets organizations encode and manage media then deliver it with professional-scale security, reliability and integration. This out-of-the box solution helps enterprise organizations control copyrighted content while delivering to users everywhere.

·  The Sorenson Media Squeeze encoding engine, including the flagship Sorenson Squeeze desktop version; Squeeze Server—both on-premise and in the cloud; and Squeeze Premium, a powerful yet easy-to-use and cost-effective version of Sorenson Squeeze optimized for the Windows Server environment.

·  The Sorenson 360 online video platform, a flexible and reliable system for managing and publishing the highest-quality video content for every major video format, utilizing easy-to-use subaccounts, customized players and playlists, and drag-and-drop functionality. Sorenson 360 is fully integrated with Sorenson Squeeze desktop, Premium and Server versions, creating a seamless workflow for editing, encoding and delivering video content.

PK4 Media Signs Newsy as New Content Partner

Recognizing the critical importance of quality content to the success of video advertising, PK4 Media announces a deal to bring more content to its Bishop Video Platform. Video news service Newsy is PK4 Media’s newest content partner, now feeding an average of 200 news videos per week to the Bishop content library. Newsy is a video news service that allows users to compare news sources from around the world to see how a story unfolds.

PK4 Media is a digital media company that delivers highly targeted online advertising and video content to websites. The company’s patent-pending Bishop Video Platform is comprised of an ad-supported video player, a video content library and a distribution network of more than 1,000 quality hand-selected websites. The platform gives content creators a distribution channel to monetize their videos through a revenue share system that rewards coveted content.

Boxee TV to Offer Cloud DVR

Boxee is announcing Boxee TV, a smaller and more traditionally-shaped set-top box built that’s more focused on live TV capabilities. It features a “No Limits” cloud DVR, which lets you save as much broadcast TV as you’d like. And, of course, you can view recordings across multiple devices.

At just $99, the Boxee TV is a direct strike at the Apple TV and Roku’s popular media boxes, and it includes the usual assortment of online video services, like Netflix and Vudu. But it’s the ambitious cloud DVR that piques my interest the most. Boxee will offer the DVR service for $14.99 a month, but that seems like a small price to pay to record an unlimited amount of broadcast shows.

Read more:Venturebeat

Simple.TV Starts Shipping Streaming DVR

On Monday, the Simple.TV DVR streamer began shipping. The device differs from other DVRs on the market because it doesn’t actually connect to a TV. Instead, it connects to over-the-air HDTV signals or cable TV and streams the content to iOS devices, HTML-enabled browsers, and Roku boxes. With a $50-a-year subscription, users can send streams over the Internet to up to five devices at once.

The $149 Simple.TV connects to a home network via Ethernet and to a digital TV antenna or cable TV via a coaxial port. It then streams live TV or stored media to supported devices. Without a yearly subscription, those streams are confined to a local network.

Kickstarter success story, Simple.TV does have some hidden costs beyond its $149 price tag. If you’re relying on over-the-air broadcasts, you’ll need to plug in your own antenna. For DVR capabilities, you’ll have to connect an external USB hard drive to the device, because there’s no built-in storage.

Also, some features require a Premier subscription, which costs $59 per year. This service includes remote streaming outside your home network, a detailed program guide for broadcast shows, and the ability to record entire TV series automatically. Users can purchase a Simple.TV box and a year of Premier service for $199, or get the box with lifetime service for $299.
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comScore Launch validated Campaign Essentials Multi-Platform in US

vCE MP Product Details

vCE MP is a census-based campaign analytics solution that leverages panel-based insights to validate ad delivery, including person-centric audience measurement of holistic and incremental reach, frequency and GRPs across channels.

Key product features and highlights include:

  • Unduplicated Person-Based Measurement of Audiences Across Platforms. vCE MP relies on person-based (not cookie-based) measurement of reach/frequency and GRPs. Cookie-based approaches routinely overstate reach and understate frequency due to the increase in cookie proliferation across digital media devices, which is a problem for marketers who rely on these metrics to make allocations within and across media platforms.
  • Campaign Reporting for TV, Web, Smartphones and Tablets. vCE MP provides cross-platform reporting of not just TV and online campaigns, but also those appearing on mobile channels – specifically smartphones and tablets. Existing marketplace solutions have not been able to effectively scale their reporting to the mobile screens that are such an integral component of today’s digital media landscape.
  • Multi-Platform Unification Using the comScore Census Network™. At the center of the product’s methodology is the comScore Census Network, a unique asset that uses common census data touchpoints to thread together multiple media platforms into a single unified view of digital consumer behavior and ad exposure.
  • Robust Sample Sizes. The comScore Census Network also has the benefit of observing digital media events at a census-level, resulting in campaign sample sizes covering the breadth of platforms often numbering in the millions rather than limited to a couple of platforms with sample sizes in the hundreds.
  • National TV Data from 5 Million U.S. Households. Incorporates advertising data from TV set-top boxes in 5 million U.S. households. Ongoing additional set-top box data integration will continuously expand coverage by millions of households.
  • Viewability Measurement. Includes viewability measurement for display ads based on comScore’s MRC accredited vCE technology so that impressions are based on the same ‘opportunity to see’ standard that has been traditionally used in TV measurement.

How to Participate in vCE MP Beta

The vCE MP Beta program is available in the U.S. Broadcast and cable TV networks, marketers, ad agencies, online publishers and other members of the multi-platform advertising ecosystem interested in the Beta should contact their comScore client service representative. During the Beta period, potential participants’ campaigns will be evaluated for study according to the size and scope of campaigns with priority given to earliest responders.

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