The Weekly Online Video News Reel – November 6, 2010

The Weekly Online Video News Reel   November 6, 2010

So we're going to test the NewsReel on Saturdays and see if that works better. Then you've got the whole weekend to peruse the round up of news here at ReelSEO and elsewhere. Drat! I need to edit the image, next week. Roll Film.

Hot News Here at ReelSEO

Mark nails the top spot this week. His How To Get Your Videos On Google TV – One More Benefit Of Video Sitemaps scored most read here at ReelSEO for the week. If you're wondering about your content showing up on the new Google TV, this is something to read.

Tim Schmoyer nabbed second this week with his November 2nd, 5 Reasons Why Viewers Might Abandon Your Video which also sparked some discussions on length of videos in comments and what is ideal as well as how to promote longer video using shorter ones, a la movie trailers.

Nalts goes viral by spilling his secrets in a new book, Jeremy writes it up to nab 3rd most popular article for the week. Beyond Viral – YouTube Viral Video Genius Kevin "Nalts" Nalty Shares His Secrets

Jeremy drives home the top five with his Blekko article. Don't know what Blekko is? Apparently many didn't but do now. It's a new human-edited search engine which is walking in the footsteps of other failed human-edited search engines. I give them A for effort but can anyone stand up to the juggernaut that is GooTube?

Huh, I guess no one made it all the way through my massive tomes where I dissected some recent research. I don't blame you…but at least read the take aways…they're worth it (to help you be more informed if anything). No, I am not afraid of shameless self-promotion. Also surprising is that there's not a single YouTube article in the top five. I think that's a first. Well, sort of.

Top Stories Elsewhere

As we're a limited number of people here at ReelSEO we can't possibly cover all news in the online video, advertising, marketing and SEO. So, we'll point you in the direction of some of our colleagues in the industry who did.

Online Video Industry Events

This week was the Streaming Media West 2010 conference and expo in Los Angeles, CA.  Mark Robertson was at the event and moderated a panel on Video advertising and monetization as well as a panel at the Online Video Platform Summit, all about optimizing the video experience for social media and search engine marketing/optimization.  Mark just emailed me to tell me that the show was a great success.

Video Advertising

Google and VivaKi have extended their partnership and will include a new mobile display and video ad purchasing platform. It's going to be a real-time ad bidding exchange they say. That could drive down video ad CPMs

Video SEO

Search Engine Journal talked about Google Analytics metrics and how it can help you calculate ROI and SEO progress.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing might be the next big buzzword. Even digital marketing firms know this as one in particular, WSI, will hold a workshop specifically on that, though it's in the UK. ROI = (d – e) / e * 100 I wonder what Murdico has to say about that.

Social Networking

The EU is trying to allow people to be 'forgotten' on social networks (sounds like an after school special) via some new legislation. That could be really interesting it if happens as you could completely remove yourself in quite possibly the ultimate opt-out ever.

That's a wrap, enjoy your weekend!

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