Weekly Web Video Industry News Reel – 18 Dec 2010 – The Brno Edition

Weekly Web Video Industry News Reel   18 Dec 2010   The Brno Edition

It was a busy week here at ReelSEO. While Mark was away the mice played and wrote and watched a lot of video (some of them even Christmas related). The news still rolled as we get ready to wind down the year and so I'm here once again with the weekly news reel of what was hot at ReelSEO and elsewhere. Yes, I'm traveling again this week but I brought the power cable along this time so no netbook death in Brno.

Most Read at ReelSEO

Most read at ReelSEO goes to Jeremy's The Year's Most-Watched YouTube Videos & Viral Clips. Odd that the most read article was about the most watched videos no?

Second most read for the week was Part 1 of my 2011 video Advertising predictions series where I polled some industry leaders about their thoughts for next year.

Third most read was Grant's article on getting video on your LinkedIn profile which could really come in handy.

YouTube slides into fourth most read with Jeremy's article about YouTube Video time Limits and how the times, they be a changin'.

Finally, rounding out the top five most read at ReelSEO Best Online Video Ad Campaign: Google's Nexus S Unboxed By Ninjas

Top News outside of ReelSEO

Social media

Zuckerberg named TIME Person of 2010 When you get 500 million people to do anything together, you certainly deserve an award.

Video SEO

Promotion.TV wants to be your one-stop-shop for all promo videos.

Video Advertising

Transpera released an SDK for mobile video this week, it works for Blackberry (most popular mobile surfing platform), iOS and Android (second and third most popular).

Coull (UK) and RevUpNet (US) team up to expand video advertising coverage

Panache introduces new interactive video ad unitLead Accelerator

Video Sharing

Vimeo video School offers over 800 tips on making better videos…for FREE. Hot damn I'm down with that.

YouTube looking to buy Next New Networks video maker? That would certainly be a good expansion of their services.

This Week's Video hubbub

Hey look! Another video got banned by another backward thinking television station. This time it's Julianne Hough's Is That so wrong video which got banned by the family-serving CMT. I must admit, she's got great moves and might have raised a dirty thought, or three. But really, banning the video?

Maybe her and Beyonce should get together:

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