Weekly Web Video Industry News Reel – Super Bowl Edition!

Weekly Web Video Industry News Reel   Super Bowl Edition!

I just want to start this off with a simple: GO PACK! The Super Bowl is nearly upon us. Teams are ready, stages are set and the ads are produced, bought and paid for… No matter how they produce, the results on the field are that one shall stand (Packers) and one shall fall (Steelers). America's team shall once again hold the trophy named for the coach that made them great, Vince Lombardi, who led them to wins in the first two Super Bowls. Oh right, and some online video news occurred this week which I'll talk about shortly.

Most Read at ReelSEO

Much like the Green Bay Packers will stand triumphant, so did these articles which received the most reads this week at the end all, be all online video news source, ReelSEO (yes I'm full of all sorts of blather today).

YouTube's Recommended Videos sucking topped the reading list this week at ReelSEO. Apparently everyone is fascinated by either their sucking or what's going to be done to make them suck less.

When not concerned about the suckiness of those videos, people were interested in getting video of their own and recommending it to others through their Facebook profiles and pages and were reading our new list of Facebeook apps to share video.

Like this top three list of most read, the Reel Believers were also interested in three basic tips for your video making endeavors: permission, fair use and when to get an attorney. Generally don't take footage of an attorney without their consent and then mix it with 90% of a Hollywood blockbuster and put it online…because you'll certainly be needing a attorney after that. Seriously, it is a good set of quick basic tips, you should consult with it.

Interesting News on the Net

When was it that we could stop using 'net to denote we were using a short form of the word and switch to Net with a capital N to denote a proper noun and everyone knew what we meant? Well, regardless, that has nothing to do with this list of interesting video news I found out in the rest of the world (who probably often read ReelSEO to make articles similar to what we've got…Go TEAM! joking of course…)

Egypt topped the news in all its myriad forms. Even though the protests were slated to end, they yet continue across the country. Democracy is the only thing worth fighting for, getting it without having to raise a hand against another human is even a better way of getting it.

Super Bowl

I know the Super Bowl isn't a normal category for news in the Weekly News Reel but, how can it not be this week, right?

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Social Media Changes Advertisers game.

The Washington Post reported that  Super Bowl tech makes the game a social media event.

The Business Insider tells a story of how Network Solutions is fighting back against GoDaddy, who have become a Super Bowl ad staple, by using social media, and Cloris Leachman. Is it working? Well, all of my domains are at GoDaddy…

Finally, only in America, a country that notoriously outlawed alcohol completely and gave rise to bootlegging and the American gangster, OK, there were gangsters before Prohibition but they saw their height of activity around that same time, Digital Journal reported on a 'no more beer ads at the Super bowl' call, it's actually the third annual. Truly, we all know that beer is not healthy, does not directly get you laid and certainly doesn't do a body good (unless you ask the Czechs who do firmly believe all of that), and yet, people want beer ads banned from the Super Bowl. Odd because most of them are probably drinking beer while watching the Super Bowl…

Video SEO

The Video Commerce Consortium continues their series on  Getting smart with video distribution part II: intelligent channel enablement.

They also dropped a cool article about  Hiring a Video Production Specialist for E-Commerce: What Merchants Want.

Google SEO

Search Engine Roundtable did some work for me in that they compiled all the Google SEO news. The most interesting bit, which I didn't know, is that Google's scraper algorithm is now live meaning it will remove low-quality scraper sites from search engine results. That means unique content is all the more important now.  This could seriously boost some site stats for those of us who are doing unique content on a daily basis and having it scraped by others. Nice!

Video Advertising

Tremor Media bought Transpera, and moved into mobile advertising. Nicely done! That should expand their reach.

Here's an interesting take on video advertising looking into the future. Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, who has been getting royally screwed by the partners in Hulu, fired back, right at the base of how advertising is purchased for TV and cable and the future. I'm sad that I missed it when it was first posted. Here's a bit of it:

Consumers have spoken emphatically as to what they want and what they do not want in their future television experience. What we've heard:

* Traditional TV has too many ads. Users have demonstrated that they will go to great lengths to avoid the advertising load that traditional TV places upon them. Setting aside sports and other live event programming, consumers are increasingly moving to on-demand viewing, in part because of the lighter ad load (achieved via ad-skipping DVRs, traditional video on demand systems, and/or online viewing).
* Consumers want TV to be more convenient for them. People want programs to start at a time that is convenient for their schedules, not at a time dictated to them. Consumption of original TV episodes will eventually mirror theatrical movie attendance: big opening Friday nights, but more consumption will be in the days and weeks afterward. Consumers also want the freedom to be able to watch TV on whatever screen is most convenient for them, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a PC, or, yes, a TV.
* Consumers are demonstrating that they are the greatest marketing force a good television show or movie could ever have, given the powerful social media tools at consumers' disposal. Consumers now also have the power to immediately tank a bad series, given how fast and broad consumer sentiment is disseminated. This is nothing short of a game-changer for content creators, owners, and distributors.

All I can say is, well done sir. You seem to be a Reel Believer, to have gained such brilliant insight (again, joking about him reading ReelSEO). The problem is, your ownership begs to differ and still wants to stuff a whole lot of ads down our throats. We hope you can become a champion for the consumers, in return, we'll try to keep you employed by using your service, if it's available in our country (which it's not here in mine until I return to America later this year).

Consider yourselves reeled in and up to speed for the week to come all thanks to ReelSEO. Stay Reel! Kung Pao, I'm out! GO PACKERS!

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