Weekly Web Video Industry News Reel – Read like an Egyptian Edition

Weekly Web Video Industry News Reel – Read like an Egyptian Edition

So it's Sunday. The people of Wisconsin are still celebrating the winning of Super Bowl XLV by the Green Bay Packers and Egypt has finally tossed its oppressive president, Hosni Mubarak, out after eighteen days of demonstrations. None of that has anything to do with online video, except for the fact that I watched both events unfold online. Congratulations to the winners in both, although extremely different and not taking anything away from the awesomeness of the Egyptian revolution, events.

Most Read at ReelSEO

Surprisingly, the most read article of the week had nothing to do with the Super Bowl or Egypt. It was in fact Smartphone Usage Jumps 60%, Android Gains Major Ground. Now if you're avidly interested in mobile phones and technology like I am this is huge news. That large of a jump in smartphone usage bodes well for the future of mobile video in all its myriad forms as the smartphones generally have much larger screens, more connectivity and faster processors.

Google took the second most read spot at ReelSEO this week as well with its announcement of Templates & Web UI for Easier Google TV Site Optimization In the comments on that article someone asked me what places like Revision 3 used to make their Google TV presence. Jim Louderback told me they just used good old-fashioned elbow grease. Well, that and HTML and CSS. So that means everyone should be able to optimize for the platform, more easily now thanks to Google.

The GooTube pulled a trifecta this week, which makes me think we might write too much about them, but then looking at the week's content I see we didn't write that much, you just love to read about them. Third this week was Grant's look at  Who Owns Your YouTube Video? You, YouTube, Or Someone Else Entirely? The answer, just might surprise you.

Online Video News Elsewhere

Just this week, after a flood of press releases, I've decided that the majority of them will get stuffed into here because I don't have enough time to read and write up everything. At least this way, everyone gets covered and you the readers are well-informed. So here we go.

Video Platform News and Moves

ClickStreamTV recently announced a new strategic partnership with T3Networks to provide a Pay-Per-View video platform solution to their clientele looking to monetize content.  T3Networks, Inc.(www.t3networks.com) is a provider of media licensing and distribution aimed at content producers, indie filmmakers, music, sports, media and entertainment companies.

ClickStreamTV's DIY (do-it-yourself) interface walks customers through the process online in minutes, from enrollment and set up, to uploading, encoding, publishing and archiving video. Customers can customize the look of their website's video player from designing the player format, choosing from an existing template or creating one, uploading images such as logos and adding elements including text, links or PDF files to their player. To learn more, visit: www.clickstreamtv.com

NET-A-PORTER.COM, the world's premier online luxury fashion retailer, today announced the launch of NET-A-PORTER TV, a digital TV station housed on NET-A-PORTER.COM that allows visitors to shop for their favorite designers as they browse video content unique to the site.  In addition, viewers can share, like, embed and comment on all videos, resulting in the most highly engaging and interactive watching and shopping experience to be had on-line.

NET-A-PORTER has utilized technology from Brightcove, the leading online video platform, to ensure a fully interactive, user-friendly experience that will expand the reach of its video content across a wide range of devices. Adjacent to the videos, past and present, a stream of relevant new product appears on the screen available for purchase in only a few clicks.  Go direct to www.net-a-porter.com/tv or click on the following URL for a demonstration, http://www.net-a-porter.com/Content/netaportertv.

Video Sharing

TubeMogul has launched free, real-time demographic reporting for clients of our video advertising platform PlayTime, including statistics on gender, homeownership, income, marital status and number of children — all 100% transparent by ad and by site and easily shared/exported. This saves advertisers the time and money it takes to consult third party vendors and by aggregating multiple leading sources, we increased scale and eliminated inconsistencies. The data is all anonymized.

PlayTime is growing rapidly and was recently ranked top ten in Actual Reach Web-wide of video ads viewed by comScore. More on this during the week most likely as ReelSEO takes a look at it.

IPTV, Time-Shifting and DVR News

Two major electronics companies have decided to stop producing digital recorders that automatically skip TV commercials, it has been learned by Daily Yomiuri Online.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and Toshiba Corp. are currently the only companies to produce TVs and blu-ray disc recorders that make it possible to automatically skip commercials when watching recorded programs. However, they have decided not to include this function in new products to be marketed from spring.

Blinkx Launches HDTV API by Home Media Magazine

Online video search engine Blinkx has announced a TV application programming interface, or API, for consumer electronics companies, which would bring Blinkx's index of more than 35 million hours of online video to HDTVs, set-tops and gaming consoles.

The TV API can automatically filter results based on the capabilities of the device, including by supported video formats.

Amino Communications, Belgacom and Miniweb are some of the companies that already have signed on to integrate the TV API into their devices.

3D TV News

The long-awaited 3D channel from Sony, Discovery and IMAX is about to debut. The trio scored carriage on DirecTV, which will launch 3Net this Sunday. The direct broadcast satellite TV provider is the first one to pick up the channel. It will go live at 8 p.m. ET on Ch. 107, starting with new original programming. The first telecast, "China Revealed," launches an hour-long series exploring the vast Asian nation.  Reported by TV Technology

Video Conferencing and Calling

Skype is taking a big step toward its goal of making its video chat service ubiquitous across multiple platforms and devices, with the adoption of the H.264 video format on iOS devices. In a blog post Wednesday, Skype Blogger-in-Chief Peter Parkes wrote that the change will allow Skype's iPhone users to chat with friends on TVs and other connected devices reported by The NY Times.

Big Moves by Movers and Shakers

Yahoo Inc. unveiled software for tablet PCs and other mobile devices that serves up a selection of news and entertainment content based on individual user interests, the latest move by the Internet pioneer to ride growth of mobile-device ads.

The Yahoo application, called Livestand, is intended initially to showcase content offered by Yahoo, which owns popular news, finance and sports websites. But Yahoo is also offering up the software to other content providers, such as magazines, giving them a chance to have a presence on tablet computers without having to write any apps themselves.

Yahoo is framing the software as a publishing platform that will also let newspaper and magazine publishers more easily offer digital wares with features such as flashy, interactive graphics and photos. Those publishers would share ad and subscription revenue with Yahoo, though the company didn't release details.

Mobile Video, Ads and More

A study conducted by InMobi, the world's largest independent mobile ad network, and comScore shows that Australians really aren't too bothered about ads on their mobile phones. Three-quarters of Australians said they were either "very" or "somewhat" comfortable with mobile ads, with nearly half (48%) citing "very". Reported by Biz Report.

Video Advertising

Kantar Video, a division of WPP's insight, information, and consultancy network, Kantar, has released the results today of a comprehensive study on the viewership and social activity of Super Bowl ads online. The study ranks the 60+ Super Bowl ads by media effectiveness. In the 3 days after the Super Bowl aired, the top 10 ads have earned a total of over $1 million in media impressions through online video. Volkswagen's "The Force" campaign topped the list, earning the brand $538,000 in media due to its successful creative and viral strategy by launching the week prior to the Super Bowl and generating heavy press coverage.

Weekly Web Video Industry News Reel – Read like an Egyptian Edition

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