The Week In Video: Wolfdog, Gervais And Google Glass On Prescription

The Week In Video: Wolfdog, Gervais And Google Glass On Prescription

Happy St Patrick's Day (who was actually Welsh, fact fans) to all! Join us in celebrating some of the news stories you may have missed this week in the land of video, cable and technology as you wash down your Ulster Fry with a pint of Guinness. Or not. We say goodbye to a marketing phenomenon, look forward to bingeing on our favourite TV shows ever and welcome back a legend in his own lunchtime, Mr David Brent.

Hello, Yes This Is Wolfdog, Goodbye

Goodbye Wolfdog, we hardly knew ye. After a whirlwind week of advertising, Old Spice seem to have lost their Director of Marketing by way of arrest. He may be back, who knows but in the meantime we can marvel at the way the brand utilised not only the power of video over the past few days but also live hangouts via UStream & G+, and seminars and announcements via Twitter, Facebook, xBox, Bandcamp, YouTube and Tumblr not to mention the release of their own motivational ringtones. They reached out to any potential customer via as many platforms as possible and, as a short lived digital marketing campaign, it certainly created the kind of engagement many others can only dream of. We leave you with Wolfdog's final message:

[Video removed from YouTube]

Condé Nast To Launch Digital Video Network

Condé Nast, the New York based publishing giant, announced that they are putting some serious resources behind their new online video content project. The digital video network, available across all platforms, will promote the GQ and Glamour magazine brands and will be sponsored by Procter & Gamble, Microsoft & Mondelez International. Condé Nast Entertainment president Dawn Ostroff said of the new venture:

“With the launch of our digital network, featuring programming inspired by the exceptional Condé Nast brands, we are creating more ways for our unparalleled audience of influencers and trend-setters to experience their favorite content. Consumers will now be able to view and share authentic Condé Nast video series across all platforms, in easily-accessible ways.”

The company plan to use their own new, custom embeddable video player and promise that, after the initial launch, future episodes of each series will be released on a regular weekly basis.

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Google Glass On Prescription

Apparently it's a question that Google get asked a lot – will Glass (if it ever goes on general sale) be available for those of us with less than perfect eyesight? Yes says Google because the design of the fancy new gadget is modular so we'll be able to add prescription frames and lenses. Yay!

The Week In Video: Wolfdog, Gervais And Google Glass On Prescription

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Comcast Announce 'Watchathon' For Xfinity Subscribers

Is there anything better than snuggling up on the sofa with a days supply of snack food and 20 hours of that TV show that you never actually got around to watching but is now just a click away? Nope, which is why all Video on Demand Xfinity subscribers will be jumping for joy at the news that Comcast are allowing access to what they call the 'biggest catch up ever in TV history".

From March 25-31, which covers most of Easter, Xfinity subscribers can watch over 3500 episodes of 100 TV series across 30 premium, broadcast and cable networks. Phew. Amongst the shows available will be Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, Girls, Mad Men, Sex and the City and Games of Thrones. Get the popcorn and chips ready.

The Week In Video: Wolfdog, Gervais And Google Glass On Prescription

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Ricky Gervais Signs A Deal To Make Original YouTube Content

UK comedian and writer, Ricky Gervais has signed a deal to produce his own content to be released via his official YouTube channel, Plumplard. The deal is a co-production with Gervais's Derek Productions and ChannelFlip, a UK online video broadcaster with a current stable of more than 140 YouTube channels totalling 90 million views per month.

Gervais's first contribution to the partnership was the return of UK Office character David Brent in a film, shown below, that debuted on Friday as part of Comic Relief's Red Nose Day 2013. Warning: Get yourself a cup of tea, it's 10 mins long (which is either too short or 10 minutes too long depending on whether you are a Gervais lover or not). It'll be interesting to see how much of the content launched via YouTube will get an airing on TV or on film. Either way, fans of the comedian and his work will get to see more of him and his original ideas.

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