The Week In Video: Star Trek, Cat Videos And YouTube Housekeeping

The Week In Video: Star Trek, Cat Videos And YouTube Housekeeping

Happy Easter! This week in video we saw Google announce the winners of the #ifihadglass contest before changing their mind about some questionable entries, how the IRS came under fire for producing two videos that featured some unforgivable acting (and the budget they spent on them) and we jump for joy at the announcement that the Second International Cat Video Festival is on its way to California.

The IRS Spent $60,000 On Two Really, Really Awful Videos

They may be 3 years old (which is like 30 in internet years, right?) but, this week, the IRS have come under fire for spending $60,000 of taxpayer money on two promotional/training videos. Uncovered by CBS, the IRS admitted to Congress that they had indeed spent that amount but that they "saved taxpayers $1.5 million over what it would have cost to train employees in person". IRS Acting Commissioner Steven Miller confirmed that the quality and type of video produced back in 2010 is something they wouldn't invest in now. So that's something to look forward to.

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Google Announces Winners of Glass Contest, Then Realises Some Entries May Be Just A Little Inappropriate

Not all of the 8000 people who thought they had won the chance to spend $1500 on the first public rollout of the Google Glass headset will still be celebrating. Google says that not every entrant who received an invite actually followed the rules of the competition. Whoops. It's not known how many have been kicked out but Google are believed to have contacted all those who will now have to wait to purchase them along with everyone else.


In other Google Glass news, it was reported widely this week that the headsets were going to be manufactured in the US, and that lawmakers in West Virginia are seeking to ban the use of Google Glass whilst driving.

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Universal Music Loses 2.5 Billion YouTube Views

The Daily Dot, with data supplied from Socialblade, reported that the YouTube channel of the Universal Music Group lost yet more views this week – a massive 2,575,609,572 to be precise. The channel now shows only 585,003 views (at time of writing), down from the 8 Billion plus views it reached back in December 2012. It's the third clearout that YouTube have made to the UMG channel, citing 'routine clean up' for the decision rather than confirm it has anything to do with the generation of fake views….

The Week In Video: Star Trek, Cat Videos And YouTube Housekeeping

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Second International Cat Video Festival Is Coming – We Want Tickets

YouTube and cat videos – we've all heard the cliches but the fact that 20,000 people turned up to the first Cat Video festival, held in Wisconsin in 2012, shows the power that felines have in marketing and viral video fun.

Oh, and just cos it's a holiday weekend, here's a cat video for your enjoyment. Sqeeeeee.

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