The Week In Video: Arrested Development! Arrested Development!

The Week In Video: Arrested Development! Arrested Development!

Happy Arrested Development release weekend! No doubt many of you are halfway through the 15 new episodes by now – has it lived up to the hype? In other video news this week, Microsoft and Google sort out their differences over the YouTube app (like they had a choice), Twitter launches TV ad targeting, YouTube gets blocked in Tajikistan and we find out that those aged between 18 and 44 are three times more likely to watch mobile video content than any other age group.

You May Have Noticed Some Buzz About Arrested Development This Week

So, it's finally here. After months of build up, 15 new episodes of 'Arrested Development' hit Netflix today to the delight of millions of subscribers. But wait! Binge watching your favourite shows might not be a good thing, and may in fact be a way to compensate for emotional insecurity. Binge watching, just like binge eating, can have wide ranging negative side effects. Hokay.

There's no doubt that the resurrected comedy will be a huge success for Netflix (although perhaps we'll never know for sure given their reluctance to provide viewing figures for House of Cards) and they  announced this week that they want to double the amount of original content they produce in 2014.

The Week In Video: Arrested Development! Arrested Development!

YouTube Comedy Week Celebrates The Viral Video

YouTube Comedy Week is over and we've loved a lot of the content over the past few days but this video, from Annoying Orange creator Dane Boe is pretty wonderful. Can you spot all of the viral stars from the last 8 years?

Microsoft And Google Finally Play Nice Over YouTube App

After the shenanigans over the past few weeks, Google and Microsoft appear to have come to a compromise over the advertless YouTube app that was released for the Windows phone. The two companies are “working together” to get a new app out “in the coming weeks” and released the following statement:

Microsoft and YouTube are working together to update the new YouTube for Windows Phone app to enable compliance with YouTube’s API terms of service, including enabling ads, in the coming weeks. Microsoft will replace the existing YouTube app in Windows Phone Store with the previous version during this time.

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Social, Not Search, Pushes Video Content Discovery

According to a new survey by, 52 million adults in the U.S. are watching mobile video content specifically because it came recommended either by a friend or via a social connection. That's considerably higher than the 32 million who discover videos via search. Those west of the Rockies watch 37% of mobile video, by far the greatest majority while those households with kids watch 48% more mobile video than those without children.

The Week In Video: Arrested Development! Arrested Development!

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