The Week In Video: Mixbit, Google Glass & Prince Hating On Vine

The Week In Video: Mixbit, Google Glass & Prince Hating On Vine

Is it April already? How did that come about so quick? Before another week flies by, let's look at some of the news stories in video that have been doing the rounds this past seven days. They include an April Fools that turned out to be real, Fullscreen attract more funding, how Google Glass wants to 'keep you in the moment' and, yes, something about cat videos.

MixBit Not A YouTube Competitor Says YouTube Founder

So it wasn't an April Fools - YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley really is getting ready to launch a new video site.There's no definite launch date but it may even be as early as this month. Hurley hinted heavily at SXSW 2013 that the Mixbit platform wouldn't be a direct competitor to YouTube but that it was more about "creating video with others." Interesting times.

The Week In Video: Mixbit, Google Glass & Prince Hating On Vine

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Fullscreen Attact More Investment Funding

AllThingsD reported that the Chernin Group and Comcast are amongst the companies set to invest in Fullscreen to the tune of $30 million. Fullscreen is on a roll at the moment, with more monthly US unique views on Youtube than Maker Studios and Machinima combined and the announcement that Brendan Gahan is on board as their new VP of brand strategy.

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Under The Google Glass Bonnet

Google are slowly driving those interested in Glass into a frenzy by drip feeding information about their new product. The latest is the release of the SXSW presentation by Google developer advocate, Timothy Jordan where he explains the technology behind the device and gives us a little demo.

Warning: It's a long video – cut to 10:50 to see the demo bit.

We're also hearing that Chinese search engine giant, Baidu, are developing their own version of Google Glass, which has been in development for several years.

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Of Course We Have Some Weekly Cat Video News

We spotted an excellent article from Carrie Ching this week about lessons learnt in online journalism as news struggles to compete with pop culture and ridiculously short attention spans. The main point being, adapt and survive and use every online resource you have to push that message. Be aware of all of your potential audiences and speak to them they way they want to be spoken to, even if that means taking risks that you haven't before. The article contains some powerful examples of the kind of investigative news stories that have found a receptive audience via video including the following:

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Best Fake Websites Supercut Of The Week

Slacktory have brought us two fantastic videos this week – the excellent (and true) All good TV is actually British and the hilarious TV's best fake websites. Need more info on that murder suspect with the dodgy browser history? Hold on, I'll just Netrangle that for you….


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