Hosted Video SEO - Tips for Website Video Search Engine Optimization

Last month, I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the 2008 PubCon conference in Las Vegas Nevada on the Video Search Engine Optimization panel along with our Media Analyst, Grant Crowell.  For my presentation, I decided to focus on what I like to call "Website Video SEO."  What I mean by this, and it is covered in the presentation below, is that it is focused on how to optimize for video content that is placed on your own website, sometimes referred to as "hosted video SEO."

Below is a description of the session:

Video Search Engine Optimization
Optimizing for video, universal, and podcasting engines is vastly different than a stock text-based engine. From embedded metadata to optical character recognition you have to learn a new set of techniques.  Speakers included: Robin Liss. Edward Kim, Gregory Markel, Grant Crowell, and Me (Mark Robertson)

So, how did it go?

Hosted Video SEO   Tips for Website Video Search Engine Optimization

The session was packed and there seemed to be quite a few folks interested in the topic.

Our moderator, Robin Liss, gave a wonderful presentation. Unfortunately, she was supposed to be the moderator, and long story short, Gregory Markel, did not have enough time left. He graciously allowed the last 5 minutes for questions from the audience.

Oh yeah - and Grant Crowell's presentation was titled "Video Search Engine Optimization and Website Design" and can be found here.

In summary, I think it went great.  Would love to hear from our readers who may have attended....  Please comment below!

Lastly, stay tuned as we are going to be publishing some great video interviews that were done at PubCon with Willitblend, MSN Live, WebMasterWorld, and others....

Thanks to Jonah Stein for the photo.

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