On this week's ReelWeb, we cover several YouTube news updates from the past week including yet another update to the Creator Playbook along with a revamped Creator's Hub, new YouTube annotation functionality that lets you link your videos to your own website, and additional foreign language closed caption translation capabilities.  Additionally, we discuss a new promotion that FullScreen is running to help partners with promotion as well as a new business model for focused on helping creators sell their content.

YouTube Creator’s Hub & Playbook Update - Version 3.0

The new YouTube Creator's Playbook and Creator's Hub was released this past week.  In it you will find many new updates and changes including; the new focus around channelization, watch time, and the new statistics and analytics tools, and annotations.

New Website Link Annotations Feature in Action

It is now possible for you to link your annotations on your videos off-site to your own domain.  To do that:

  1. Have your domain verified under your Google webmaster tools.  It has to be under the same Google account that your YouTube account is tied to.
  2. Go to YouTube settings.
  3. Click on Associated Website.
  4. Verify your domain in the box
  5. You will have an option in your annotations drop-down menu to link to your associated website.

Automatic Foreign Language Closed Captioning

The closed captioning feature on YouTube is important for search engine optimization on YouTube and in Google.  If you want your videos to rank well in search, taking the time to caption files can be beneficial.  Make sure YouTube knows exactly what content is in your video. This way, it can rank it appropriately.

YouTube has been trying to do that automatically for a while now by providing this for Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and English.  Last week they added six new languages to their repertoire: German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, French, and Dutch.  The captions aren’t perfect, but they get them fairly close.   You can go into the captions editor on YouTube, fix a few words, and update it. Direct Pay to Own Feature

Since we first started talking about the website has gone through a couple different iterations.  The most recent one is that they are now providing a platform for content creators to sell their content directly to consumers.  The format is different than Vimeo's paid-per-view type of model and more like an iTunes model where it's pay-to-own, but completely DRM-free.

Fullscreen Giveaway

The YouTube Network Fullscreen is doing something a little different.  They're giving away $1 million to their partners over the next few months.  They've established several different categories with a prize for each category of $10,000 worth pf promotional TrueView ads and placement and assistance from YouTube to push your brand and channel.

QUESTION: If you were given $10,000 for promoting your videos, how would you use it?