Welcome to Web Videos that Suck for Business where I highlight a few web videos created for businesses and/or professionals organizations that I consider to be just plain sucky.  I also dive into why I think they suck and discuss what we can learn from them in our own professional video endeavors to arrive at making better videos for business and marketing purposes.

Why Point Out Web Videos That Suck?

Web Videos That Suck for Business and How to Fix Them son of web pages suck 300x194 I was actually inspired to do this based on a book series by author Vincent Flanders', Web Pages that Suck and Son of Web Pages that Suck. Since those books first came out back in 1998 and 2002 respectively, professionals have had over a decade since to absorb the harsh critiques and raise the playing field of professional-grade websites. The amount of time professionals have had for producing and promoting professional web videos, however, is still fairly small, and a lot is left to be desired.

I need to mention that my goal is not to beat anyone down unfairly or mercilessly. It's commendable to anyone who is willing to make an honest attempt at producing quality web videos, where clear thought and planning has gone into them, along with audience profiling and feedback, and learns from their mistakes. (I know from my own personal experience that the only way to get better at making videos is by doing a lot of them, and honestly look at all the mistakes we make along the way. No one gets better without practicing, and having audience feedback and/or a video coach is an ideal way to improve.)

However, I do see some businesses and professional-minded individuals not make really honest attempts with acknowledging where they aren't professionally-inclined – either their severe lack of technical expertise, or their content selections, or their on-camera talent, or their marketing choices. It also really irks me when I see companies claim to be web video production and marketing experts, but make such glaring oversights that you really have to call into question both their competence and their intentions. You find for the latter group, it's these "professional" web videos that bother me the most, and I reserve my harshest criticisms for.

My main goal for doing this series can be described in 3 steps:

  • Showcase what videos I think really suck;
  • Explain why I think these videos suck, and;
  • Mention what I think we can learn from them (so we can avoid sucking so much ourselves!)

And yes, I'm going to be sarcastic sometimes and inject my own attempts at humor. It may not always be your cup of java, but you're stuck with my personality!

What Makes for a "Professional Business Video?”

My main criteria for what counts as a "professional business video" is this: It's a video produced and distributed online by any enterprise or individual that can demonstrate a connection with their own business, brand, or occupation. Here are some specific qualifications I use:

  • It must be a video primarily related to their paid occupation, rather than primarily to a recreational or educational activity.
  • It must be intended, or show the intention of, supporting their business, brand, skills, expertise, experience, or other work-related attribute(s).
  • It must be intended for distribution online, for public viewing and consumption.
  • It must be intended to have a business-related objective. (E.g., increased visibility, leads, sales, better branding, awareness, or other conversion goal.)

As you can see, what I am "professional" here is separate from the technical or creative aspects of a web video, both of which have their own objective and subjective characteristics. While I use both of those aspects for my own critique of these videos, neither of them are my qualifications for what I choose to review.  So what I'm getting at is there's a difference between a web video that's "professional minded" versus "professional quality." My qualification for review is just the former.

Suck #1: RealVideoProduction

Web Videos That Suck for Business and How to Fix Them realvideoproduction

Click to watch this video

This actually came to me by a colleague who's part of a book I'm writing, and I asked him to do a promotional video of himself for the book. Since he only had $150 to budget, he got an offer from a guy who said he could set him up in a virtual studio real cheap. Yet it was impossible for me to tell by the vendor's website what he actually did for a living. (His e-mail signature mentioned that he sold "seminar and speaker products.”)

I insisted with this vendor that he show me an actual video example of what we would be getting for our $150.

When the vendor sent me the link to his sample video, he mentioned in his email to me, "We still have issues it is a temp studio building one in 2 months.”

Things that suck about this video:

  • Seriously, can you imagine being interviewed by this guy? Even if this was a community cable access show, it would be well below any professional expectations.
  • Picture quality is among worst I've seen – not just for a virtual set, but for anything claiming to be professional. The image looks unbelievably muddy. Both the host and guest look like creatures from Night of the Living Dead.
  • 30-plus minutes of two people talking – no graphics, text notices, or B-roll footage. (It does appear to have a 3-camera setup, but you have very awkward transitions.)
  • Muddy graphics – the book cover featured in the background screen is too hard to discern.
  • Most annoying banner ad – a banner advertisement runs continually below the video, which I found incredibly distracting and annoying. (Now you know why this guy is so cheap!)

It's only fair to mention that the interviewee, Kathy Perry, has received good testimonials and local television coverage on her profession. It's just really unfortunate that this video does her such an injustice.

What would I have done to make this video better:

  • Have a short version of this video. (Try for a 3 minute, 2 minute, and even a one minute version)
  • If you have a long format video interview, have b-roll graphics or video footage. If you can't have that, at least have text graphics that highlight the points you're making throughout the interview.
  • Don't do the virtual studio if it looks terrible, and if it doesn't relate to what the subject material is about! (Really, even just doing a Flip Camcorder in a natural environment would have come across a lot better.)
  • Get an interviewer who doesn't have a strong local accent when they're asking questions. That will just prove to be very distracting, even comical. (It's also advantageous if they have at least a basic knowledge of the subject material.)
  • Allow people to embed the video on their own blog or other web page if they wish.
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Suck #2: ChicagoWebVideoMarketing

Web Videos That Suck for Business and How to Fix Them chicagowebvideomarketing 23 200x124 A company I had never heard of before – Chicago Web Video Marketing originally contacted me on my Facebook page earlier this month – as part of unsolicited email blasts. They were announcing themselves as the hosts of "Chicago's largest business networking holiday party," where for 30 bucks (or a $500 sponsorship fee), they would invite you to their very special party to "Celebrate the launch of Chicago's top web video marketing company and get crucial information on how CWVM can help take your business to the next level with powerful videos!" (Their exact wording.)

Here's more on how their promotional information read:

"Chicago Web Video Marketing is Chicago's premiere full-service marketing and advertising agency. We provide professional high quality video production and distribution services in addition to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) providing our customers with organic keyword domination and celebrity-like exposure. We specialize in web marketing, expert branding, web traffic, and the integration of automated sales and marketing systems.”

So I should first qualify that I also work out of Chicago; and ReelSEO covers web video marketing, plus a few people like myself do freelance consulting and other professional services. So any critique I could do of a potential competitor should first come with that full transparency. However, since the folks at Chicago Web Video Marketing don't actually appear to be familiar with who ReelSEO is, yet claim themselves to be experts in the professional web video marketing space, and the fact that they solicited me, I consider them fair game. Check out the videos from own website and judge for yourself. (I went through over a dozen of them.)

Things That Suck About Their Home Page Video:

  • Ugly video player skin (with no "embed" feature)
  • Thick Chicago accents are a turn-off. (In fact, a lot of thick accents can be a turn-off, unless your selling your culture or your nationality as part of your brand. But is that what they intended? It just doesn't make them sound at all like professionals in the space.)
  • Intro female host sounds like a teenager.
  • To the 2nd person on camera: Don't have someone start his or her introduction by saying "If you've been paying attention." (You sound like you're giving someone a lecture!)
  • Have you every listened to a video where the speakers sound like they're reading from a teleprompter and don't appear to actually comprehend what it is they're saying? That's the impression I get with these guys.
  • There are no captions of who it is that's actually speaking. Do they work for the company? Are they spokespeople?
  • Listen to that music – it's like something from the early 1980's!
  • At 2:22, the lady proclaims, "Did you hear what I said?" That is unintentionally hilarious.
  • At 4:15, the lady proclaims, "Well, our time is up. I have to keep this short and to the point." (After over 4 minutes??)

Things That Suck About Their Other Videos:

These I pulsed from their Video Blog, or "vLOG" page, which is really all videos from their YouTube channel:

  • For the 2nd promotional video, it opens with, "Tis the Season… To Crush Your Competition." Boy, that's real Christmas Spirit right there, eh? (They also don't know how to spell "spokesmodels," which is one of the services they claim to offer.)

I found a ton of problems with their individual web video promos

Web Videos That Suck for Business and How to Fix Them chicagowebvideomarketing 5

  • No intro or outtro graphics, or transitions. (And you're a web video marketing company? Really?)
  • Really ugly background. (You're claiming to be professional video producers, and you couldn't think to use an appropriate backdrop?)
  • Reading from a teleprompter seems very unnatural with each of the speakers. Its important to come across in your video as authentic, and none of these speakers pull that off.
  • White balance goes out of sync during the video. (They're supposed to be professionals, yet they appear to have their camcorder on autofocus?)

Web Videos That Suck for Business and How to Fix Them chicagowebvideomarketing 41 200x128 Then I checked out their portfolio page

  • They feature a restaurant and do awkwardly slow pans of the food items, without having any graphics of what they're about. The narrator (one of the same guys I saw in the intro videos) also distracts the piece with his strong accent.
  • Don't have a promo with the graphic "video coming soon!”
  • Their "bio video" has no introductory graphics, everyone has a very dark outfit, it suffers from a poor contrast between foreground and background, and has a very creepy feel of three people all staring at you during intervals of the interview. (Like you're on a very bad blind date.)

Web Videos That Suck for Business and How to Fix Them chicagowebvideomarketing 6 What they could have done to make their videos better:

Actually, their problem appears to be so deep, I don't think I could offer a a realistic solution, short of starting a new company with all new people. So instead, I'm going to give them a business tip: On your YouTube page, don't showcase a video of yourself introducing an entirely separate consulting company you wanted to originally be, but apparently that never took off.

Suck #3: MY Own First Professional Web Video!

I had to pull this one from my vault, which I did back in July of 2007. What's ironic is I was critiquing some of my fellow search engine marketers for their videos, and yet you can see I make many mistakes on my own delivery. (I've highlighted them throughout the video.)

So there you have it, my first installment of Professional Web Videos That Suck! Do you have or know of a professional web video that sucks? Send it my way to grant [at] reelseo.com, and I'll feature those in future posts that really catch my attention.

Here's to 2011 giving us a lot more sucking, which we can all share and learn from.Special thanks to Lane Media Productions for donating their professional-quality video production services and making my intro video (and for also making videos that don't suck!)

  • Andrew Walter Crittenden

    I can help but laugh when you are doing a video about video sucks, and your audio sucks... which is in by estimation the number one mistake made by people who do videos... Kind of negates your opinion aboutr other videos that suck...

  • http://www.facebook.com/wally.zambrano Wally Zambrano

    Hey Grant,

    I'm one of the infamous thick Chicago accent owners of CWVM. First of all I'd like to say that I do know who ReelSEO is, and I've been a huge follower of you guys since I transitioned from the television world to the internet world a year ago. You guys have been a great source of learning for me, and I appreciate the fantastic work you guys do.

    In reference to the videos that we have on the site, the vlog videos do suck, as well as the FAQ/SAQ's, I'm embarrassed by those and got rid of them as soon as you exposed me to the entire freakin WORLD! THANKS!!! but this has been a slow and painful learning process for us. In the television world, I've directed every type of show imaginable, with a full production crew, so I understand video. We've had over 1300 views and tons of compliments from small business owners on the information that's been provided and that's more important than Gene Siskel wannabes. If you want to use us as a learning tool, then use the phrases this is "what works and this is what can be done to improve the videos." Not it sucks and this sucks and this is poor.

    In reference to the unsolicited facebook party invite, Sorry... but I think you should've taken it as a compliment that we were interested in having you come and attend our party, but if that's the way you want to take it.. It seems more of a insecurity issue. I'm constantly going to network parties and meeting my peers and we get along just find. Plenty of food on the table.

    However, on a good solid note: If you type in Web Video Marketing on Google... You'll find us ranked number 2, with over 21 million results, and who might be ranked number 4???? We must be doing at least one thing right. Maybe you could use some pointers from us on SEO. REELSEO.

    • Key Reos

      Fuggggggget about it Wally (in thick Chicago accent)!  (Now accent off) As it turns out, (on a good solid note), type 'video seo' in google and presto, you're #41!  That's a great number.  It's so close to #50 and about 40 away from being #1. Maybe you're on to something. Bada-bing!

  • http://www.facebook.com/theanishpatel Anish Patel

    Hello Grant,

    Nice article! I agree that there is a lot of bad videos made out there and it really frustrates me. Especially those companies that claim they have the best video content. I own a video production company based in London and Buenos Aires utilizing some of the best video talent on earth and I am always eager to improve my videos for my clients. We produce alot more animation and motion graphics however we produce alot of video presenter style videos too which are powerful for marketing. Take a look at my website and let me know what you think of our work:-


    Best Wishes


    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      Hi Anish –

      Quick 30 second review: They don't suck! They look well produced, good content, along with the design of the site. (That's what I can share in a glance.)

  • Brian

    My mom always warned me to never throw stones in a glass house.

    You put yourself in a tough position with this series especially when you have bed head in your own video, your camera's white balance is way off and it seems like your microphone is not on!

    Also your article is too long for web consumption.

    Your article really smells like a huge net (and cheap attempt) to scoop up some consulting work.

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      Actually Brian, that's "people who live is glass houses shouldn't throw stones." (That must have been a bad public school your mom sent you to.)

      I'd suggest you read the comments here earlier, which can answer some of the peeves you have. I think you're not paying attention to what's being said about the difference between reviewing videos, and marketing one's videos as a web video production expert.

      Sorry you're not much of a reader, Brian! But that's what we've been doing at ReelSEO and our audience seems to like it.

  • Colleen

    Hi Grant -- liked your piece! We're venturing into the world of video, and I'm enjoying your tips.

    A question -- and this isn't meant to be too facetious ;-) -- what is your opinion about hand gestures? I found your hands to be a bit distracting in your intro video. General public speaking guidelines tell you to be purposeful with your gestures... does the same apply to video? Would it not be better to keep your hands out of the shot, or is there some industry standard for keeping them in? Curious! Thank you.

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      Hi Colleen – thanks for the compliment and the feedback! To answer your question, if the hand gestures are distracting, then it needs to be toned down. I had several other people tell me the same thing, so next time I'm going to know to do less. (Funny thing was, I was told to raise my hands to keep them in the shot, so I mistakenly thought I had to keep them up the whole time!) This is why it's great to have feedback from others, because that's the only way you can improve.

      I've actually interviewed other people who used their hand gestures even more than I have. See the link to this video below and judge for yourself:


      But yeah, if it's distracting to the viewer, it needs to be toned down. A little is good for expression, but I'm not supposed to be conducting an orchestra, either! :)

  • Julian R.M.

    Ouch! The ugly truth! Love the article and the examples - this is both informative and at the same time entertaining with the various examples you give of sucky videos! I've begun to notice a gravitation towards quality when it comes to online video. Initially, the motto with web video was like Nike, "Just Do It" - just get a video on the web, maybe try to work on your production value slowly if you can, but the most important objective was to just get any video live on the web. Now, as the market begins to mature and more businesses adopt web video in their marketing campaigns, there is an obvious movement towards a more professional quality when it comes to your video's production value. Audiences are becoming less forgiving of poor lighting and subpar audio, HD is more of a need than a want, and you better have a coherent story to tell. Articles like this are very helpful for those just entering the online video game!

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      Thanks for your insightful comments, Julian. I'm glad you nailed the point I've been trying to make with this. Just like with any new media that's accessible and allows for mass creativity and consumption, there comes a growth period where there excitement over the newness of "just doing it" for business is taken over by (rather reasonable) market demands. Doing business-quality video is full accessible to everyone today, and it should be expected for anyone to take the time to learn and practice, and get some guidance with. To not do that only shows your lack of understanding to your customers and client prospects, which translates to a lack of professionalism. Those expectations are no different from any other type of marketing.

  • Carey Susan

    Please check your grammar. If you are writing a book, you need to know how to use grammar/spell check. Who's part of a book I'm writing - not whose part of...

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      Hey Carey Susan, you have the same headshot as RGDMC! You two must be twins, yeah?

      One or a couple (or even a few grammar) oversights are OK with me, so that way you can continue you get all this content for free! ;-) Seriously, we do our best to proof with the time we have, but we often have to leave it to our own resources as there's no one who functions solely as a copy-editor.


    Hey Grant Crowell,
    Do our videos suck? Please Let me know


    We have 5 videos on there. Would LOVE to have your input?

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      Maybe they do, but I wouldn't know. I didn't take a look at them.

      C'mon dude, someone else requested the same thing you did earlier here in the comments.

      But hey, thanks for reading, anonymous acronym guy! And if you can suggest some videos that do suck and say why they suck, I'll consider them for a review in a future article. (And, you'll get a link back to your own site as credit. That's better than me saying your videos suck, I think. ;-/

  • TomAikins

    You're right about the first video's problems but what do you expect to get for $150? With the equipment, the staff and the editing time needed to cut this, you're not going to get top-flight professionals to do the work for that kind of money. What's most important about videos is the content. Production quality can be somewhat forgiven (except for bad sound) if the content is compelling and of interest to the viewer.

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      You're right that it's highly, highly unlikely you're going to get top-flight professionals for that kind of money. But I wouldn't even call that end product professional at all. No matter how good you may think their content is (or maybe you didn't), when something is so obviously, terribly bad (like the image quality in this video), it detracts so much away from whatever content of value there is. A video that "sucks" doesn't have to suck at everything. It can actually be good at something, but the suck value is so overwhelming elsewhere that it can cancel the good part out. You'd have really be persevering to watch something like that.

      Also, what is also attributed to content is the delivery of that content. The guy acting as a host did a terrible job with presenting the questions and attempting to sound knowledgeable of the topic in my opinion.

  • Video

    I never write negative comments, but you should really practice before preaching. Your videos, like your examples in this article, are very amateur. Vimeo is a good place to start for a reality check.

    • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

      We're all in the process of learning, but I believe the examples in this
      article were specifically meant to show exactly that - that we are also
      learning. Id be interested in whether or not you feel our YouTube videos as
      of recent "suck" as well and if so - what would be your recommendations.
      Also - nothing wrong with negative comments when useful. I think if you
      could give some advice on what you are referring to in particular, it would
      be quite useful. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      Well, anonymous "Video" icon, I do welcome all comments that are honest opinions and shared info. I will say that overall I'm proud of the videos that I put out, and I realize that I'm also going to have a very big target on myself from this point for any video that I do or am a part of, and that's perfectly fine. The point is to get people talking and sharing, and it seems to be working.

      Now also, I want to clarify that I am not doing any of my videos on ReelSEO as an advertisement, marketing, or any other type of promotion of my own video-related services. In fact, all of the pieces that you see are donated from the goodwill of other professional videographers and video producers, so I take what they can afford to do for free in return for a mention of their own abilities. I think by checking them out you'll see the fine quality work that they do.

      That's why I say I reserve my harshest criticism for the companies that DO claim to be web video production experts. I am not a web video production expert, and do not have the skills. Those who are professionals who do donate their time, resources (and that includes out-of-pocket expenses) have to do it on rather short timetables which don't always allow for good circumstances. But if that's the tradeoff with getting out helpful (and hopefully sometimes entertaining) content, then put that big bullseye on my back and start slinging arrows, baby! ;-) Point out web videos that suck for business is well worth it.

  • http://pocketvideopower.com/ Jules

    great post, I agree that some people need to wake up to the fact that their videos suck!

  • http://www.VideoLeadsOnline.com/ Ronnie Bincer

    #4 Business Videos That Suck

    Grant, on your comments for your own video, you use a lot of double negatives "don't mistake xxx for not yyy" - maybe I'm just a dog, but I sure have a hard time figuring out what you mean. Not that I'm not trying to pay attention.

  • Shira Abel

    Great comments as always - but what I especially like is how obvious it is you've been working out since you've started doing video.

  • Phil Begnett

    the first video was really bad yes but i think your being a bit mean with the web video production company if im honest.

    i dont see a problem with accents if you have one... i mean, if you run a company and the whole point of social media is being yourself, then HOW do you do a video? put on on a posh accent?

    Surely its down to your delivery and how you come across on Camera... an accent will not put someone off buying from you, if they are engaged and like what you do

  • http://klessblog.blogspot.com/ Klessblog

    Hey Grant, you big meanie you're so MEAN!! :)

    BTW - I like you're #3 series title change. Business videos that Suck!

    Also, in Suck #1: RealVideoProduction, the vitrual set is really bad and green screen is awful. It would have been better in a real setting, or reel setting. Plus the slow dissolves between cameras is excruciating. Any director would know that you only dissolve cameras at the open and close of the show and cut between cameras and dissolve to graphics during the show.

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      Ah yes Larry, I must be the mayor of MeanieLand. I think if you watch the Beatle's Yellow Submarine Movie, you'll see me among the Blue Meanies.

      I like Business Videos that Suck as well. (Not that I like videos that suck in themselves, except for entertainment value and something I can blog about.)

  • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

    AUDIENCE POLL: Which would you prefer to see for a series title change? (Please select either number, or you can make your own suggestion)

    #1 – Web Videos for Business That Suck

    #2 – Web Videos that Suck for Business

    #3 – Business Web Videos that Suck

    Thanks to everyone for your feedback! Please allow me some time to get back to any specific questions you have for me. (And yes, like my videographer Jack Lane says, this had to be produced on a very quick turnaround time, so we didn't have the luxury of best sound. So I was willing to incur the wrath of a few videophiles. ;)

    • http://www.facebook.com/Bloodpoet William Peck

      I like #3.

    • Cary

      #4 Business Videos That Suck (it's a given that it's for the web...)

  • Seo Queen

    Hi Grant,

    your post is really interesting. nice work done :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bloodpoet William Peck

    At the very least, I'm glad none of my videos were featured in this article. That would sting. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jack-Lane/568580257 Jack Lane

    Hi Camilla... The video was edited under a short deadline and didn't have the time to clean it up. Thanks for your post and you certainly can expect better audio in the future episodes!

  • Kellyleighj

    In Suck # 1: I really like the disembodied hands that appear in the lower left corner (from start thru out video) and lower left areas of the screen (07:55).

    I'd say whoever lit this should be fired, but it doesn't appear they lit the subjects or the green-screen at all.

    The phone ringing is my second favorite.

  • Youtube Marketing

    Hay thank you for nice video marketing information.

  • Webmaster

    Hmm now, lets see. The expert at the top of the page?

    Didn't he say someones site sucked because "they had a banner constantly displayed below their video?"

    Didn't his own critique also say don't just have continuous talking heads?

    Didn't he say have cut away shots to appropriate graphics that illustrate points, and not to stay on one subject too long?

    OK, so I would add my personal opinion that whilst the patter does sound sincere and not rehearsed, one problem is "he talks with his hands"; Those forearms flailing about everywhere is very distracting.

    ** I suppose the answer is that this wasn't meant to be a "professional video" to sell things, but rather just a personal intro as a friend to a friend.

    And the sound is not the best, as it seems to have been recorded in an empty aircraft hanger. Use a room that's got curtains or carpets etc to help deaden some sound. (Or learn to talk without shouting so that it reduces echos; the mike on your shirt is very good at picking up sound)

    • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

      Grant has a couple particular quirks that he's trying to get past but it's taken some time - you pointed out both of them - He is quite long winded, and tends to talk way to loud, almost yelling. I know he wont get mad at me for writing this cause he's well aware. That being said - The banner ad below the video - totally my fault. Ive since moved it lower on the page. Thanks for your comment and critique.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dane.henry1 Dane Henry

      Actually the biggest issue with Grant's video is that he made one at all. It's a complete waste of time for the viewer. I could have read what he spoke at the camera in about 30 seconds. Having a video for no other reason than to just have a video doesn't add anything to the users online experience. It's funny that he professes to be an expert, then offers that video up.

      That being said, the "suck" examples are horrifying!

  • Cary

    Hey Grant,

    I enjoyed this first episode of "Web Videos That Suck". I agree with all 3 of your assessments.

    One thing you didn't mention, especially in the case of Suck #1 and Suck #2 is the crime of being boring. In my mind, this is the single biggest flaw of those trying to sell marketing video services to small businesses.

    Two people talking for 30 minutes? No graphics, no bullet points? Nothing to break-up the awful background?

    Those other guys from Chicago? Not only are they producing boring videos but shouldn't video experts know how to put a thumbnail on the video so it's not a black screen?

    I am emailing you some links to incredibly bad videos businesses are using to drive away customers, well, it would if anyone actually viewed the videos...

    BTW, what's your opinion on the slideshow video with great pictures and transitions that tell a story vs. the interview style format which seems to be all the rage?

  • http://www.elementalmediainc.com Camilla

    Love the concept of Web Videos That Suck. As a fellow producer working out of Chicago with business communications, broadcast and web video expertise, I’m particularly horrified that a company titled ChicagoWebVideoMarketing produces such crap. Then again, video like this just helps the rest of us look great.

    BTW, I expect the next edition to have better audio.

  • http://www.2webvideo.com Partha Bhattacharya


    I believe you’re too harsh in your judgment. Web video in any case is still nascent, and you’re already attempting to raise the bar instead of real help like the video making demos by Vimeo.

    To my understanding, what needs to be condemned are videos that are copies of others, or giving deliberately wrong info’, or suchlike. Do you seriously think accent is a criterion for rubbishing videos? Not all people can pronounce the best way that you think is right.

    Hope you agree!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bloodpoet William Peck

    I like the article, but the abundance of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors hurt your credibility, IMHO.

  • Freenhv

    Suck #2's background music makes me horny for some reason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tvkevin Kevin Horton

    Hey Grant,

    I would love for you or anyone else to check out my business: www.tvkevin.com
    We produce video for businesses. Hopefully, they don't suck! ;)

    We have gotten great results for our clients with our "bizshortz" & "my story testimonials"


    Kevin Horton
    tvkevin productions

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      Hey Kevin, you might like to consider professional consulting, or go the free route of asking your peers. Although it would be great if there could be a site where people could upload their videos and ask others to rate if they sucked or not, where people shared with each other their comments. But until that time, I'm specifically requesting for people to send in videos that they think really suck, and share why they think they suck.

      • http://www.facebook.com/tvkevin Kevin Horton

        So I'll take that as, my videos don't suck? LOL

  • LH

    I have to add to this one.

    I'm a big fan of Bob Bly, the copyrighting guru who has about a million published books that you can buy at any bookstore. The Copywriter's Handbook is one that you have probably heard of.

    Anyway, I was recently at his web site and saw that he has a ton of those one page landing page sites that sell online info products. I know he's the real deal, so I was checking them out to see what he had to offer.

    I found that he had a web site about how to make videos for your business.


    Check out his video! He's sitting in his office, where the window behind him is backlighting like crazy.

    But the best part is that he has two giant bags of trash sitting next to him during the video!

    It's totally awesome.

    • Vickie

      ...not to mention the camera audio from across the room. $30 lapel mic would fix that.

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      That is an unintentionally funny one. I actually have heard of Bob Bly and hear he comes highly regarded as a professional copywriter. However in this video he talks about how he's going to teach his audience to make professional videos, and its such a bad example of his own. Lesson to anyone that says they're going to teach others about professional video making – consult with actual professional videographers who have experience shooting for the web, first! (If you can't afford them, and don't have any professional experience making videos yourself, then don't claim to be one. How simple is that?)

    • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

      Hey LH, I have some news. I just did an interview with Mr. Bly, and the video you mentioned will be included in my next edition of "Web Videos That Suck" here on ReelSEO. If you would like, you may send me a link of yours I may include in the post, so you can have proper credit.