Google & American Express Encourage Small Businesses Video with ‘My Business Story’

Google & American Express Encourage Small Businesses Video with ‘My Business Story’

Google and American Express have join forces to launch a new program called, "My Business Story".  It encourages small businesses to tell their stories through video before the second annual "Small Business Saturday," which is November 26, 2011.  Small Business Saturday is a day set aside to encourage communities to spend and support local businesses by shopping small.

Yesterday, Marisa Currie, Google's Product Marketing Manager, posted the announcement on the Inside AdWords blog.  She said

"Your business has its own unique story to tell.  If you had the chance to show the world what your business is all about -- from its founding roots to the ways it changes your customers' lives -- would you take it?”

Currie added,

"And since Google research has shown that companies who use video can expect better customer engagement and retention, we are launching a new video tool so that small business owners can create personalized, professional-quality videos about their business.”

My Business Story: Custom Video For Your Small Business

Of course, there is a YouTube video embedded in Currie's post entitled, "My Business Story: Build A Custom Video For Your Small Business.”  It explains that Google and American Express have created My Business Story to help small businesses make professional-quality videos.

My Business Story - A Simple Video Tool for Small Business Video

The new video tool that YouTube launched in support of the program is free and fairly easy to use.  All small business owners need to do is tell their story at

Google & American Express Encourage Small Businesses Video with ‘My Business Story’

You can view complete instructions on how to use the tool here.

Small Business "My Business Story" Video Examples:

For example, watch "My Business Story: Tweak.”  It's from a custom sneaker maker.

Or look at "My Business Story: Sagrada Wellness.”  It features a yoga retreat center.

Or, check out "My Business Story: Mandoline Grill.”  It's about a vegan Vietnamese gourmet food truck.

"My Business Story" Video Contest Offers BIG YouTube Exposure

Google and American Express are also holding a "My Business Story" contest that offers small businesses the opportunity to win one of 36 online ad campaigns worth $5,000 and have their video appear on the YouTube homepage, which is viewed by an estimated 22 million people in the United States every day. The deadline for the contest entry is Tuesday, November 15, and the winning videos will be featured on the YouTube homepage November 25,2011, the day before Small Business Saturday.

Google & American Express Encourage Small Businesses Video with ‘My Business Story’

However, entry to the contest is not required to use the My Business Story editing tool.  So, check it out and consider telling your business story in the next couple of weeks.  I know, it's a busy time.  But it could get a whole lot busier if you tell your story through video.

After the contest, I hope to follow up by showcasing some of the really great entrepreneur stories from folks that just didn't have the resources before to create a video before.  This story has legs.

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