Using Web Video Marketing With Online Press Releases

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of participating in an webinar put on by PRWeb, titled "Using Video and Multimedia in Online News Releases." The purpose of the webinar was to educate attendees on how to leverage the growing popularity of online video in conjunction with press releases in order to garner more website traffic and greater search engine visibility.

I was asked to present the case for why online video is the right medium to businesses to focus on as well as to discuss some tips and best practices for online video marketing.  Unfortunately, not long into my portion of the presentation, we had audio complications and so I was unable to continue.

Using Web Video Marketing With Online Press ReleasesFortunately, our friend and Director of Product Management for PRWeb, Jiyan Wei (who we interviewed in the past about optimizing press releases with video), took over where I left off and presented my slides as if they were his own.  I should mention that Jiyan was the moderator for the webinar as well. Thanks Jiyan ;-)

In addition to the 2 of us, Amy Mauzy, public relations manager at Malibu Boats, spent some time to showcase the success that her company has realized through integrating online video in press releases.

Using Web Video Marketing With Online Press ReleasesUpon registering for the webinar, 1800+ registrants were asked to answer the following questions:

  1. Do you think that it is valuable to bundle video with your press release distribution?
  2. Have you ever bundled video with your press release?

As you can see, although most (94%) believed in the power and value of adding video to a press release, but only 12% had ever tried it. Clearly there was an identified need to learn more about strategies and tactics for how best to create, publish, and market videos for business.

You can replay the webinar in its entirety as well as review the Q&A on PRWeb here.  Alternately, feel free to view our presentation below.

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  • Matt Shaw

    Great article. We've used video in a couple of our news releases. We use PressKit'n, and so far we're loving the results. It's a great transition for us -- you can have all the form of traditional PR with the new-marketing characteristics that enable peer-to-peer sharing. Best of both worlds. :)