Since the turn of the century and with the advent of YouTube, web video has grown in popularity as a viable and successful form of marketing for products and services. However, in recent years the web and its various capabilities has evolved and been adapted for other means beyond targeting consumers. Organisations are beginning to take a more unique and innovative approach to internal communication and web video is starting to establish itself as the main instrument in this digital revolution.

Companies have started to use web video as a new means to relay information to employees. Whether it is for training, explanatory purposes or to simply improve internal relations, video is ascertaining itself within many organisations.

Employee Training Videos

Whilst web videos aren't able to train new employees alone, they can be used as a learning tool to coincide with one-on-one training with a supervisor. Some companies have found that by using video to explain the basic concepts of an organisation, they are saving valuable time and resources. Short explanatory videos are being created as an induction to new employees to explain a company’s structure and procedures in a simple and engaging way. These videos can also be referred back to at a later date as well as being accessed by employees at any time.

Service & Product Explanation Videos

In order to stay relevant within their respective industries, businesses are often creating new products and services whilst continuously updating their existing ones. This steady stream of new and updated ideas means that companies are under increasing pressure to ensure that each individual employee is well-informed and knowledgeable. Without the resources to individually explain to each employee, organizations are turning to online video as a way to give an overview of new and existing services and products.

Here's a video for "First Alert," demonstrating how to use their carbon monoxide detector:

Internal Relations

For medium and large businesses, internal marketing has become an essential part of the organisation’s structure. Without suitable internal marketing, a company could run the risk of being scattered; with employees becoming disconnected and inconsistent. Managers are starting to use online video as a way to demonstrate a company’s vision and strategy so that employees are in sync and cohesive. Video provides the ability to reach across an organisation and disperse information throughout various departments meaning that individuals gain an understanding of the company’s core beliefs, values and concepts; whilst also promoting discussion and opening a dialogue which can emphasize a company’s internal messages.

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One example of a company that uses web video to communicate internally is LexisNexis. As the world’s largest and most comprehensive electronic database for legal and public records, the company needed an effective way to communicate with its employees.

With the help of our company, Revolution Productions, LexisNexis commissioned five videos to use on the company’s website. Using whiteboard animation, the videos were able to condense the complicated messages and services that LexisNexis offers whilst engaging its workers and ensuring they were in sync.

Julian Morgan, Head of Drafting Applications at LexisNexis said, “Internal communication is a challenging area for any communications professional as workers are focused on their own roles and rarely have time for company newsletters and internal communications. Our internal videos have been warmly received as a new and innovative way of engaging and communicating with internal team members."

Online Video: The Latest Trend in Internal Communications

As an outbound marketing strategy, web video has gained considerable momentum in the past few years and its role within internal communications seems to be following suit. Organisations are beginning to notice the time and money-saving capabilities that online videos can offer. With the use of online distribution, using video for internal purposes has never been easier and comes with an assortment of benefits.

Video presents an interesting opportunity in that it allows the sharing of vital messages in a more personal way than traditional internal communications. Gone are the days of company newsletters, marketing documents and time-consuming seminars as web video moves to the front as part of the next generation of internal communications.

  • sac110368

    First, great and comprehensive prez by Paul. Nice job! Next, I have to
    agree with Grant about the chosen clips being more related to external
    marketing efforts. However, I do see validity with the internal
    marketing term - employees should be brand evangelists, understand the
    company culture and be included in the strategy, if cogent engagement is
    to be maintained.

  • tosolini

    I just published a presentation that outlines how major organizations are adopting online video internally. Here is the link to the #prezi:

  • Grant Crowell

    Maybe I'm splitting hairs here, but I have to question the choice of the phrase, "internal marketing." My understanding is that marketing is something you do externally. You can have buy-in with internal stakeholders, but that's not based on the operation of supply and demand. Perhaps a more appropriate term which relates to these video choices would be "industry marketing." (Especially with the 3rd video, which doesn't seem to relate to employes or any internal stakeholders.)

    I was also hoping there would be some more distinct examples and tips for how to product and promote internal videos versus external videos. I did this myself with helping enhance a knowledge management center and wiki for a client with training videos and FAQ videos, including an employee community that could submit their own videos. I think there's great opportunity with internal videos for improving social business, so hopefully this subject can be covered again in the near future.