YouTube Marketing Case Study: GoAnimate Giveaway + Weblebrity = Reel Engagement

YouTube Marketing Case Study: GoAnimate Giveaway + Weblebrity = Reel Engagement

Most advertising campaigns rely on the idea that consumers will find it within themselves to engage with a product based on the advertisement alone. While this can be affective, it's also an example of not using your relationship with your weblebrity (web celebrity) to its full potential.

Assume that the weblebrity has two priorities before your company: 1) their viewers, and 2) their channel statistics. After all, without those two details your company wouldn't have been interested in working with them in the first place. Knowing this, there are many things that your company can provide for the weblebrity in return for a little added push for their viewers to use your product. This is where the giveaway comes in.

YouTube Giveaways - How to Drive Deep Video Engagement

YouTube video giveaways are an opportunity for viewers to win something. Different than a giveaway from, say, Nabisco, YouTube giveaways are a low risk, low effort way for a viewer to have the opportunity to be selected for a prize. The video maker, or in our case "weblebrity”, can set any rules they want as they are choosing the winner. The easiest of them being to instruct the viewer to like, favorite, and comment on the video as it takes little time and effort and no money on their part. However, the greater the prize, the greater the lengths they can ask the viewers to go for said prize. If you're giving away a $10 gift card to Best Buy, chances are you wont get people to do much more than the bare minimum. On the other side, if you're giving away a yacht, you can ask people to post a video response of them wrestling a bear. In fact, let me know if you're doing that because I will submit for it.

A Weblebrity Case Study - GoAnimate Giveaway with SupRicky06:

YouTube Marketing Case Study: GoAnimate Giveaway + Weblebrity = Reel EngagementBut what does this have to do with your brand? Recently, consumer animation site GoAnimate approached us to help them get more people to use their YouTube software. Our approach was to team them up with YouTube channel SupRicky06, popular for his many hit song parodies, to use their animation in his next video. While we could have just asked Chris Thompson, the weblebrity behind the channel, to merely mention the GoAnimate software we decided to make him another offer.

The YouTube Contest & Giveaway:  How it Works

Keeping in mind his priorities (viewers and channel statistics) we proposed that we supply him with a prize for a viewer giveaway: a brand new X-Box 360 + Kinect; a coveted item amongst his demographic that may be out of a few of their price ranges. We were able to set the rules so that in order to be selected (by Chris) one would have to like/favorite/comment on the video AND post a video response using the GoAnimate software.

The Results: Massive Viewer Engagement, Beyond Expectations:

The end result of this is that now not only do these viewers know about GoAnimate, they have used it and a GoAnimate video is now posted to their channel for all of their viewers to see as well. This incentive drove over 59 people (at the time of this posting) to create a response video and interact with the brand.

YouTube Marketing Case Study: GoAnimate Giveaway + Weblebrity = Reel Engagement

In addition to the 45,000 views on SupRicky06's video, there are now at least 50 other YouTube channels also promoting GoAnimate. And one of them will be playing on a brand new X-Box 360.

► Submit Your GoAnimate Response & Enter to Win an X-Box

Anyone can submit for the give-away, so if you are interested in a brand new X-Box 360 + Kinect, it's not too late to click the video and enter for a chance to win yourself. It's simple, it's fun, it's brand interactivity. ►

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  • Little Timmy

    As the person who won this contest, I can say this the XBOX was the treat but the real value to winning was the exposure my Youtube channel received as a result of Chris Thompson giving me a shout out and posting a link from his video to mine. That was the icing on the cake and my main focus for entering the contest as well as exposing more people to the fun of using Go Animate.

    Go Animate is all about having fun, but Youtube is all about the engagement of the community and you can't get that exposure without being seen and collaborating, which what my video kinda did in an indirect way.
    As someone competing for views and subscribers in the land of Youtube, every little bit helps.

    Here's the link to my winning video.

    Hope you enjoy it as much as SUPRICKY06 did!