Watch The Times Square Ball Drop Live Online For New Years Eve

Watch The Times Square Ball Drop Live Online For New Years Eve

I've been asked this several times today, so I thought it would be worth posting about. If you're looking for a way to experience the New York City New Years Eve experience, you can do so online through live streaming video. Now you can watch the Times Square ball drop live on your PC, Mac, smart phone, or tablet.

The most popular feed appears to be from Livestream (I've found several prominent sites with this stream embedded, like It's already live, and you can see it right here if you want...

Watch The Times Square Ball Drop Live Online

Some of those people in Times Square are partying like it's midnight already, and it's still several hours away. I can't even imagine how cold they're going to be by the end of the night. But it definitely looks like a once in a lifetime experience--one that we can now share thanks to the power of online video. Pretty cool.

Lady Gaga somehow grabbed the honor of pushing the button to make the ball drop, which will probably help lure some of her fans to watch that might not otherwise.

But for many folks, they won't care what celebrities show; it's just not New Year's until that ball drops. Everyone have a great New Year's Eve celebration and be safe. We'll see you again tomorrow in 2012.

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