Thanks to Kevin Nalts from WillVideoForFood for posting a hack from Jischinger that lets you watch blocked YouTube videos.

Just copy the alphanumeric code from the video page URL (the one after the "=" sign) and paste it after this:

So this:

…becomes this:


The resulting video player fills your browser window, sans autoplay. Just goes to show that geographic scarcity is a fragile and artificial illusion inside online video.

  • Mason Bogert

    this video contains content from FOX, who has blocked it on copyright grounds. Damn illuminati. Too bad this doesn't work.

  • Luís Reis

    Yeah, YouTube "fixed" this.

  • Nom Nam

    Another way, do a google search with cache: and then the video url. Google search example: cache:
    You can only watch recent videos this way, though.

  • Zuk Prince Sogoni

    What if youtube is blocked in your network? How can I go around that and watch videos on Youtube..

  • Mohammad H. Khalifeh

    what if the videos blocked there copyright grounds?

  • Blaze Fox

    Nope, still works for me! ^^

    • Uptown Ucoder

      how did u make itwork?

    • Blaze Fox

      Uptown Ucoder They've stopped it again now as of yesterday. I guess they were hoping people would forget.. o_o

  • Nicola Denise Warner

    Damn, is there ANY way round this? Even HotSpot Shield doesn't work anymore! :(

  • Sally Smith

    Update: As of October 2011 it does not work.

  • jarrodh16

    it worked!!! thanks

  • asad parvez

    This thing works!
    @Bboy99 Private videos mean that the uploader will chose himself who will watch his video. In your case, he restricted the video to be only allowed to be watched by friends. There aint any way around that.

  • Yan Budski

    at least now i know the name of blocked video. it will be easy to find it now. thanks

  • vishal

    not work

  • vishal

    not work

  • Sergey Alekseev

    for this I can recommend a bit of hack that I wrote last year for a friend in Tunis who had YouTube blocked nationwide, it can access any region/age/content/w-e blocked videos. ironically the friend doesnt even need it anymore since during their revolution a few weeks ago YouTube was unblocked again :)

  • NotWorking :(

    It isn't working, the video's still showing a warning that I can't view it...

  • Ongoingwhy

    It's currently working for me.

  • mathanraj

    It doesn't work in youtube. very eager to watch the video.

    Just place the video ID in Google search engine and enjoy watching the videos.
    For eg: This video is banned by youtube Wvo-g_JvURI
    But you can get this by Googling

  • azn069

    It actually works for me, I just watched a segment from The fast and the furious Tokyo Drift

  • Brian

    It did not work

  • Jess

    the problem here is that if the video was taken down, you still cant view it.

  • BBoy99

    I got it to bring up the video but it wont play it

  • BBoy99

    I got it to open up the video which I was unable to do before just got the "This video is private." message...but it still wont play and is telling me "this a private video please make sure you accept the users friend request." Is there anyway around that?

  • shaw

    To watch a video on youtube that is banned from your country, go to and download the video there.

  • mamdhamee


  • praveenzp

    Works nomore.. Still get the region specific error messages in youtube

    • Mark Robertson

      works but only for a short time :-)

  • Adam

    Fuckin' right, dude! Seems so simple, but gets around their feeble defenses!

  • xXAdR4LiFeXx

    Lol it worked!
    i made a copyright video purposely & waited to be blocked & it worked!
    Here is the copyright video i made! It is the Spongebob Squarepants Intro!

    • Mark Robertson

      yeah, it only works for a little while until they detect it... it no longer
      works... sorry my friend, bummer

  • fmm

    it's very cool. but there's only one problem. IT DOESNT WORK

    • Mark Robertson

      Correct, this is a very old post, things change. Sorry

    • Mark Robertson

      Things change, this post is old.. sorry, Ill update it

  • Mark R Robertson

    Bummer. Oh well, Id expect that. This is an older post. Thanks for the update.