Vtap Launches Personalized Mobile Video Sharing

Vtap Launches Personalized Mobile Video SharingVeveo.com's Vtap mobile video platform will today launch its video sharing service, comprising over 150 million clips. It describes the service as 'a fun, new and easy way for consumers to see and share the best of web video from any source, tailored to their individual preferences and delivered on their preferred device'.

Veveo says vtap becomes genuinely personalized when users create their own 'vtap Feed', detailing their preferences in a profile that is then used to trawl relevant clips. It can also link with social networks such as Facebook and MySpace.

Murali Aravamudan , CEO of Veveo, said: "Video is the future of the mobile Internet – users will soon turn to video, not text, for the majority of their entertainment and information needs…we believe we will soon see the proliferation of a mobile video habit amongst consumers all over the world. Related services, devices and revenue generating opportunities will emerge accordingly.”

Here is the release:

vtap Learns User Interests and Pushes Relevant Feed of Fresh Web Video to PCs, Mobile Devices and Social Network Profiles

Veveo, Inc., a driving force behind the video-anywhere revolution today announced the release of vtap Feed -- a consumer web video personalization service that learns what each user likes and pushes custom feeds of relevant video content to their computers, mobile devices and social network profiles. The vtap Feed is a fun new way for consumers to see and share the best of web video from any source on any imaginable topic tailored to their individual preferences on the device(s) of their choosing.

The volume of video available on the Internet has grown exponentially in recent years, as more individuals are contributing original content and more mainstream entertainment companies, documentary producers and news sites are making their content available to a global audience. Mirroring the early days of the text Internet, the sheer volume of video has made it difficult for individuals to surface the quality content that would be of most interest to them personally.

The modern mobile web is about being tightly connected to the people, entertainment and news that individuals care about, which requires the information to move quickly and adaptively between traditional PCs, a variety of social networks, mobile devices and entertainment technologies. vtap Feed does this for video, taking out the work and simply delivering the latest, relevant video content to users that they can watch anywhere.

The vtap Feed is easy to set up and use. Users create a profile and the vtap Feed automatically learns user preferences based on selected interest categories, reactions to specific videos, search queries and the content of user profiles on social network sites.

"Web video is the future of video entertainment on-demand, interest driven and highly specific programming based on individual and social group interests, said Daren Gill, General Manager and VP of vtap. "The device or mechanism should be invisible. The experience is the entire point. We feel that we're providing a strong step in the right direction allowing consumers an easy way to stay up to date and connected to the content they care about, through the amazing amount of relevant video content available at any time.

vtap has created a semantic structure for web video with over three million classifications, the user simply creates a feed by selecting a few initial interests and the vtap Feed automatically sources and delivers personalized up-to-date content from thousands of video sites directly to users' PCs, mobile devices. In social networks, the service can match a user's profile to the vtap semantic classifications and build a vtap Feed on the fly.

Features include:

  • Search easily find any video with vtap's proprietary "incremental search where results are returned continually as characters are input, with further results displayed and ordered by relevance.
  • Discovery Advanced algorithms organize videos and present related topics such as movies, TV, songs, artists, etc., in a way that's easy to browse and discover
  • Feed vtap makes it easy to set up a personalized feed. Any music artist, team, celebrity, TV show or topic can be added to the feed and vtap will find the latest related videos across thousands of sites and push them to any profile or device
  • Keep save videos for viewing later or sharing with your friends on the go. Users can save online at vtap.com and then watch later on their mobile (and vice-versa)
  • Share users can share any video with any of their friends using SMS, email or vtap Feed links.

For the millions of people watching web videos on multiple Internet-connected devices, vtap has complied a large, diverse and ever growing index of video content --more than 150 million web video clips from thousands of web sites including YouTube, DailyMotion, TV network sites and MySpace. vtap is a featured application on the iphone, Windows Mobile and J2ME devices, MySpace and Facebook, or can be accessed on the web at www.vtap.com, or via mobile at m.vtap.com.


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